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Is Ryan Garcia Boxing’s Next Superstar?

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It goes without saying that not all young and perspective boxers go far in their boxing path. Some of them are money- and fame-oriented, which put their career to an end. The other ones overexaggerate their potential and become ostentatious and arrogant, which, in turn, does no good for any vocation.

Luckily, these detrimental aspects do not relate to Ryan Garcia, who, being surrounded by top-notch legends like Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Oscar De La Hoya (The Golden Boy), is climbing up a boxing ladder briskly and confidently. However, some obstacles might have an adverse impact on Garcia’s future.

Read on to acknowledge why Ryan Garcia is an upcoming superstar, what makes him become such, and what problems he is facing right at this moment.

Amateur Background

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When it comes to boxing, even though Garcia has 20 fights behind his shoulders, under no circumstances should you underestimate his ability. This 21-year-old lad holds an unbelievable 215-15 record before going into the professional ranks, almost repeating the record of Oscar De La Hoya, his mentor, manager and supporter.

Eschewing plenty of claims that R. Garcia is nothing but selfish, narcissistic, and overproud, who can’t perform a true boxing style, an amateur record proves the contrary. Besides, he was a 15-time national amateur champion who also won Junior Olympics, Silver Gloves, Junior Golden Gloves, and National Pals.

Professional Experience

Ryan Garcia (20-0, 17 KOs) started his professional path a couple of years ago, though outcomes are inevitable. As was said, Garcia is performing under the brand Golden Boy Promotions, which makes him work very closely with Pound for Pound world-beater Saul “Canelo” Alvarez for the reason that Ryan Garcia shares coaches with Alvarez. Such an “environment” plays a pivotal role in Garcia’s formation, style, philosophy, which indubitably alleviates Garcia’s every intention in becoming a superstar.

Deploying the incorporation of his skills obtained during the amateur career, links with Canelo, and guidance from the coaches as well as De La Hoya, he tends to remove his opponents rapidly and without any sound. For instance, his most recent fight was one that spreads the winds of change in the division. That being said, his unprecedented power sent off Francisco Fonseca, who was prone to be a two-time world title contender.

As to the critics, before this fight, a plethora of critics used to have some second-thoughts regarding Garcia’s technique and physical condition along with movements, combinations, and power. But not only has he succeeded in that fight in terms of the tally of his wins but also he has silenced the critics with a destructive left hook in the very first round that knocked out Fonseca. Even Garcia said that he thought the fight would be way longer than it turned out to be.

Ambitious Plans

In spite of being in his early 20s, R. Garcia aspires to fight worldwide stars in his next fights. From what we can gather, including Garcia’s social media accounts, he’ll be returning to the ring presumably against Luke Campbell. Upon further examination, it becomes ostensible that Campbell also said that he is prepared to face Ryan Garcia, knocking him out by a knockout.

If the fight confirms, it’s evident that Garcia is a one-step to becoming a full-fledged superstar because Luke Campbell is a 2012 Olympic gold medalist, beating who will establish it. But again, lots of people, either involved in boxing professionally or commercially, claim that Garcia is somewhat incapable of beating Campbell because the latter has excellent positioning for his left, crushing hook, and “Garcia’s fan base on Instagram won’t help him by any means.”

Besides, Garcia said that he had a plan for 2020 to fight everyone, but being determined is not enough. The coronavirus pandemic subsequently delayed future fights and made fighters’ physical shapes worse than ever. As follows, everyone needs more time to become fully prepared for fights. Not to mention additional aspects that could make worse off Garcia’s take off.

Possible Internal Conflicts

As it often happens, money may well be a root cause of one’s degradation. Golden Boy Promotions has recently signed Ryan to a new contract, prolonging their cooperation, assuring Garcia’s sheer boxing potential.

Not as good as it may look, Garcia yearns to get more money, or wants to withdraw from a contract because purportedly, Ryan was going to get up to $350,000 for the fight against former WBA super featherweight champion Javier Fortuna. In contrast, Shakur Stevenson has recently made $700,000 for a non-title fight at the MGM Grand. Indeed, Ryan would have beaten Stevenson, but Stevenson is a proven fighter, used to possess the WBO featherweight belt.

Overall, it’s tough to say whether or not Ryan Garcia to be the next superstar. There are still lots of tasks to complete. And the most significant ones are beating Luke Campbell as well as Devin Haney. If Garcia succeeds in these fights, we are likely to see his career skyrockets, paychecks soar, and his competence, uniqueness, and power are not questioned and slated.

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