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Jaime Munguia vs. Liam Smith Round By Round Boxing Results

On Saturday, July 21, 2018, Jaime Munguia (29-0, 25 KOs), the newly-crowned WBO Junior Middleweight world champion of Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, will make the first defense of his title against former world champion Liam “Beefy” Smith (26-1-1, 14 KOs) in a 12-round main event live on HBO Boxing After Dark.

The HBO telecast begins at 10:00 pm, EST/PST with Alberto “Explosivo” Machado (19-0, 16 KOs) putting his WBA Super Featherweight world title on the line as he faces undefeated No. 1 Contender Rafael “Sweet Pea” Mensah (31-0, 23 KOs) in a 12-round battle.

In non-televised action from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, undefeated prospect, Yamaguchi Falcao will take on Elias Espadas.

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Live Boxing Results: Munguia vs. Smith

Munguia vs. Smith Results

Jaime Munguia vs. Liam Smith

  • Twelve rounds for the WBO super welterweight belt, here we go! If Munguia’s power is hurting Smith, the Brit isn’t letting it show. Munguia holds a size advantage but Beefy has been moving around nicely, jumping in and out of the pocket with the champ. Pick ’em round to open things up. Munguia really loads up on his punches, drawing a big reaction from the crowd every time he lands. Smith has had his moments, but I’m not sure how many rounds he can withstand Munguia’s punches. Smith proves he’s not just cannon fodder in Round 3, landing cleanly in several exchanges. A fierce exchange ends the 4th round, and we have a fight on our hands! Smith showing veteran composure against the heavy-handed Munguia, I have Beefy up 3-1. Munguia begins the 6th by landing a thudding body shot on Smith. A huge left hook from Munguia finds Smith’s temple in Round 6, and Beefy takes a knee! He beats the count, but took nearly all of the 10-count to do so. Much of the Smith’s crafty offense had faded by Round 7, likely still feeling the ill-effects of that knockdown. Beefy has a resurgent eighth round, as Munguia starts to take his foot off the pedal. Smith was rocked badly in the 9th, and continues getting battered in the 10th. Jaime Munguia retains his title with 116-111, 119-110 and 119-108 scorecards. Terrific action fight.

Alberto Machado vs. Rafael Mensah

  • Alberto Machado makes his first WBA title defense against a fighter from Don King’s stable, Rafael Mensah. Each fighter opens in a southpaw stance. Mensah’s landing at a decent clip with that lead jab. Machado cracks him with a right hook before the end of the round, though, and secures a knockdown right at the bell. Machado gets the best of Mensah again in Round 3, heading into the 3rd with a 10-8 and 10-9 round to his credit. Machado lands another right hook on Mensah in the third, but the Ghanaian fighter manages to stay on his feet. If the fight continues at this pace, Mensah won’t have many paths to victory. Machado swarmed him at the end of Round 4 and appeared close to a stoppage, but the referee allowed Mensah to begin Round 5. After a 10-9 Round 5, Machado continues picking Mensah apart in the 6th. Mensah’s eye looks noticeably swollen in the 7th. Machado has used his height advantage in spades, never allowing Mensah to get within his range. Machado pummels away with a sense of urgency in the 9th; any time Alberto strings a combination together the referee could really stop the fight, Mensah hasn’t offered any sort of meaningful offense in rounds. We head to the championship rounds with Machado likely pitching a shutout, in addition to the knockdown. Alberto Machado claims 120-107 scorecards across the board, defending his WBA strap.

Yamaguchi Falcao vs. Elias Espadas

  • Yamaguchi Falcao, who represented Brazil in the 2012 Olympics, squares off with Mexican veteran Elias Espadas. Falcao was originally set to fight Demetrius Andrade before “Boo Boo” split with his promoters. After Espadas complained about punches to the kidneys in Round 1, Falcao absorbs a painful low blow in Round 2. Espadas down from a left hand shortly after, he beats the count handily. An all-out brawl ensues in Round 3, with Falcao getting the better of the action. The fight’s ugly natures continues in the 4th, when Espadas turns his back to Falcao from what appeared to be a headbutt. The fight takes a break from the action, and when it resumes Espadas turns his back to Falcao again. The headbutt wasn’t as obvious this time, but the referee deducts a point from Falcao nonetheless. The bizarre round continues when Espadas hits the deck hard, but the referee does not rule it a knockdown due to shots behind the head. Yamaguchi Falcao receives scorecards of 95-93, and 96-92 x2 for the unanimous decision victory.
    • Falcao’s thoughts on the win, from Golden Boy Promotions: “My opponent was very tough. There were several stoppages by the official that we feel were not warranted because Espadas was ducking and coming with his head down. We look forward to the next opportunity.”

Carlos Caraballo vs. Jesus Martinez

  • This fight should be a stern test for the 7-0 Caraballo; Martinez has 27 fights to his name and has been in the ring against quality talent. What’s more, Caraballo’s boss- Miguel Cotto- is watching from ringside. Each man opens up in a southpaw stance. The first round is defined by inactivity, and fans at The Joint voice their displeasure. Caraballo picks up the pace in Round 2 and staggers Martinez with a left hand to the body. Caraballo’s success continues in round 3, as Martinez hasn’t been able to mount any offense. The Colombia native has instead spent most the fight against the ropes, absorbing Caraballo’s crisp bodywork. It’s another easy 10-9 for Caraballo in Round 4; Martinez hit the deck toward the end of the frame but it was ruled a slip. After being on the wrong end of another 10-9 round, Martinez calls it quits before the 6th begins. Carlos Caraballo remains undefeated with a TKO win at the end of the 5th round.
    • Caraballo after the victory, courtesy of Golden Boy Promotions: “From the first bell I knew that I could manage this fight. I had him measured from the start. But I needed to fight intelligently because I knew he was a tough opponent. Right now I want to talk with my team to see what’s next, but I’ll be back soon.”

Blair Cobbs vs. Emmanuel Valadez

  • Philadelphia native Blair Cobbs kicks us off with a 6-round tilt against the 5-4 Valadez. Southpaw stance for Cobbs, orthodox for Valadez. Cobbs starts out like a house on fire, throwing relentless combos at Valadez for the first 30 seconds or so. Once it becomes apparent that Valadez isn’t going anywhere, Cobbs becomes a bit more selective with his shots. Valadez is plodding and deliberate compared to Cobbs, who takes a 10-9 in the first round. Valadez down from a left-right combo 20 seconds into the second round. Valadez beats the count but he’s in major trouble, as Cobbs looks to have hit his stride. Blair backs Valadez into a corner and whales away on him until the referee calls an end to the bout. Blair Cobbs wins via TKO at 1:52 of the 2nd round.
    • Cobbs after the win, via Golden Boy Promotions: “I’m ready to move up. I’m ready to start calling out names. I had just fought earlier this month, but I said ‘the time is now,’ took a day of rest and came back.”

Header photo by Hogan Photos/Golden Boy Promotions

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