James “Lights Out” Toney: The Road to 100 Fights

James Toney - BHB
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The legendary James “Lights Out” Toney (76-9-3, 46 KOs) is currently on the road to 100 fights. Toney, who can arguably be considered one of the greatest boxers in the history of the sport, has made it clear that his legacy is far from being over.

Having conquered multiple weight divisions throughout his career, the former world champion has ascended to the top tier of legendary boxers.

Famous for his strategic shoulder roll defense and brute knockout power, Toney has shown over his career that he is one of the fiercest threats to have ever entered the ring.

Although there many greats who can be considered legends, very few have achieved the 100 fight mark. It can be considered an elite status and a highly accomplished task on its own.

With that said, Toney has publicly announced that he is in pursuit of that accomplishment and is confident that he will achieve it.

Toney last entered the ring on November 14, 2013 losing a highly-controversial majority decision to Jason Gavern during a tournament bout in London England.

However, his previous two bouts resulted in victory, one by way of technical knockout.

Some may suggest that a boxer’s career should have a distinct window of time. However, when it comes to Toney, his current record shows that no suggested time frame will stop him from achieving his goal.

It would be fair to say that he is simply writing the next chapter of great moments in time for the history of this sport.

Shortly after announcing his quest to reach 100 fights, an unusual challenge came forward. Current MMA legend Rampage Jackson challenged Toney on social media to fight in the boxing ring.

Although Toney himself has tested the waters of mixed martial arts, this would be first time that a well-established MMA fighter has made the cross over into the professional boxing world—especially with a well as well-established craftsman like Toney.

Although some have questioned the validity of this potential fight, sources close to Round By Round Boxing confirm that this matchup is very real and likely to happen in the near future.

Fight fans from both spectrums may argue a pre-determined outcome favoring both sides, however, many would agree that a highly explosive bout between Toney and Jackson is very desirable.

Round By Round Boxing was able to speak with James Toney during a one-on-one interview regarding his current status and this is what he had to say.

I will be the undisputed Heavyweight champion, it’s that simple. Belts don’t make me, I make the belts. I love the people, I love my fans! James Toney don’t have time for political events, I’m here to fight. I plan on fighting at least 5 times a year until I reach my mark. As far as I’m concerned, I’m 100 percent on Rampage and I will knock him out. I think it’s important to know that Chris Arreola, Bermane Stiverne, and [Wladimir] Klitschko are the only real Heavyweights [offering] competition right now. I have no doubt that they have never faced someone like me—it’s Lights Out!

Toney expressed his interest in future promotional opportunities, once his goal has been met inside the ring. He is also currently working on finalizing a television reality show in his honor.

When it comes to current events, a potential bout is in the making for June 29, 2014 against Evgeny Orlov in the country of Latvia.

Although the deal has not been finalized, this is confirmation that the hype about Toney is more than just talk. The 100 fight journey is a conquest moving forward with full force.

Toney has been spending the majority of his days in the gym doing two-a-day training sessions. He has embarked upon this final chapter of his journey and intends to exit the ring on fight 100 with his hand raised and a world championship belt draped over his shoulder.

For those who have not seen first-hand, James Toney can be observed daily through social media, posting videos of his workouts and interacting one-on-one with his fans.

There may be critics who question if Toney will reach the 100 fight mark, however, it’s a historical event in the making that boxing fans worldwide do not want to miss.

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