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Jermall Charlo vs. Julian Williams | Preview & Prediction

The Junior Middleweight division is starting to heat up now that there’s room to move with Canelo Alvarez decidedly moving up in weight after having claimed the WBO belt earlier this year.

One of the most exciting Junior Middleweight matchups comes to us December 10 from Los Angeles.

IBF titleholder Jermall Charlo (24-0, 18 KOs) is set to take on a worthy challenger in Philadelphia’s Julian Williams (22-0-1, 14 KOs) in what could be a great fight for a division looking to break into the mainstream eye.

Both fighters, still largely what one could call contenders with great potential, are looking to use each other as definitive proof that they are the No. 1 man in a weight class whose throne is for the taking.

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 Jermall CharloJulian Williams
Record24-0, 18 KOs22-0-1, 14 KOs
HometownHouston, TexasPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Rounds Boxed106123


Jermall Charlo

Jermall Charlo vs. Wilky Campfort - Jr. Barron - RBRBoxing (4)
Photo by Porfirio Barron Jr./RBRBoxing

Jermall Charlo is a solid, come-forward pressure fighter with some sizable wallop in his fists. His most recent fight against Austin Trout tested his chin as he took some huge shots and smiled after eating them.

A concrete chin and granite fists aren’t the only things you need to win a bout, but Charlo absolutely passes the eye test at this phase of his career.

He ripped apart a tough gatekeeper in the form of Cornelius Bundrage to win his title, and I have little doubt that he is the real deal even if his major wins are against guys who have been dragged through the mud over the years.

Charlo is a powerful guy riding a hot streak and appears to be the goods.

Julian Williams

Julian Williams vs. Marcello Matano - MVP (12)
Photo by Marilyn Paulino/RBRBoxing

Julian Williams is on a solid streak himself having knocked out four of his last five opponents.

He has power in his fists and is one of those guys who will always be in a fight even if he’s down on the cards because if he lands flush your feet are coming out from underneath you.

His signature “win”—on paper scored a no contest—is probably against Hugo Centeno Jr., who he seemed to be beating relatively soundly until a cut from an accidental headbutt stopped the bout early.

While he’s not as crafty as Jermall Charlo, his power and swiftness will make up for it. He’s not one to be toyed with.


Jermall Charlo

Photo by Stephanie Trapp

While Jermall Charlo is a come-forward fighter, he has some issues with being just a tad too gun-shy.

Against Austin Trout he found himself having difficulty knowing when to lead and knowing when to counter and thus got both hit first and painted with counters a bit too often.

When he does lead the exchanges he often gets the better of the work as he showed against Trout, but I certainly can see a world where Williams hits Charlo in just the right spot when Charlo’s having difficulty figuring out when to throw and puts him on his butt.

Julian Williams

Julian Williams vs. Marcello Matano - MVP (10)
Photo by Marilyn Paulino/RBRBoxing

I’ve never been too convinced on Julian Williams. He has enough power to knock anybody out, but he’s not quite sharp enough to know how to use said power which is why his KO ratio is noticeably lower than Jermall Charlo’s.

Against Marcello Matano, Williams did a lot of chasing rather than cutting off the ring—that performance leads me to believe that even if he finds himself coming forward against a guy like Charlo he probably won’t be able to keep him in the pocket where he wants him.

Matano was landing some good shots against Williams as well. And while this could easily be attributed to a lack of respect for the Italian journeyman’s punching power, it showed that Williams is there to be hit—something he doesn’t want to be against a guy like Charlo. Austin Trout weathered some of Charlo’s thunder, but can Williams?

Williams’ resume doesn’t impress me either. Weirdly enough the biggest name on his list of victims is Joachim Alcine, so that’s not saying much.

While a win over Charlo would certainly be a statement victory, Charlo’s been in with guys who are above and beyond what Williams has had to face.


Photo by Stephanie Trapp

While on paper this is an even fight between guys who are just starting their championship-level careers, I’m going with Jermall Charlo based on resume and his ability to pass the eye test.

There are a lot of question about both of these guys that I’m sure will be answered on December 10.

Charlo’s got a close win over a guy who’s beaten Miguel Cotto—Austin Trout’s no slouch by any stretch of the imagination.

I’m sure Julian Williams isn’t a slouch either—I just don’t see his level of competition and experience being enough to take on a guy with as much fury in his fists as Charlo.

Expect this one to go the distance with Charlo having his hand raised at the end.

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