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Joseph Parker Stops Alexander Dimitrenko in Round 3


joseph-parker-by-photosport Photo by Photosport

On Saturday, October 1, 2016, Joshua Parker scored a third-round KO victory against Alexander Dimitrenko at the Vodafone Events Centre in New Zealand.

The scheduled 12-round Heavyweight fight was for the WBO Oriental Heavyweight title.

Parker, a 34-year-old native of New Zealand, absolutely ran through Dimitrenko.

Parker dropped Dimitrenko in Round 1, and then dropped him two more times in Round 2.

Parker then scored a shot to the body in Round 3 that ended matters for the 34-year-old native of Russia.

There was controversy in Round 3, however, because Dimitrenko claims that Parker pushed him down and because Parker hit him with the shot to the body while Dimitrenko’s knee was on the ground.

Dimitrenko thought he would get a DQ win or some time to rest as he was writhing in pain on the floor, but the referee awarded Parker the stoppage victory.

Dimitrenko protested the decision, but was nonetheless outclassed.

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Check out the full fight below:

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