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Liam Smith Overwhelms Sam Eggington

Matchroom Boxing

Liam Smith (27-2-1, 15 KOs) absolutely destroyed fringe contender Sam Eggington (24-6, 15 KOs) at the Echo Arena in Merseyside, Liverpool on March 30, 2019.

From the very beginning, Smith pushed the pace and looked to bully his smaller opponent. Eggington has spent the vast majority of his career in the Welterweight division, while Smith on the other hand was a full blown Jr. Middleweight.

Although Smith initiated an aggressive style from the beginning, Eggington to his credit didn’t back down. Both men had long exchanges, but Smith continually got the better of them.

Fighting in close quarters can lead to nasty exchanges and that is exactly what happened as Smith suffered a cut, which was the result of a clash of heads. Even with the cut, Smith pressed forward and landed a ton of shots. Eggington, although he was landing some good shots of his own, was forced to back up repeatedly.

The fourth round saw Egginton have his most success of the night. He caught his man with a bunch of hard shots and visibly outboxed him. That success didn’t last all round as Smith found a way to land a few good shots of his own before the end of the round.

In Round 5 Eggington was visibly tired. Smith took full advantage as he pressed on the gas. An onslaught ensued.

Up until that point Eggington did a good job of absorbing the blows from Smith. This round, however was a whole different story. Smith managed to stun Eggington several times while he was against the ropes.

At this point it became increasingly clear that Smith just could not be hurt by his opponent. Smith landed several unanswered shots, which forced the referee to step in and put a halt to the contest.

It was a one-sided beating dished out by Smith. Clearly he wanted to prove a point and he did just that.

A title shot could be just within his grasp with such a performance. Eggington on the other hand may need a break from boxing all together at the moment.

He suffered a vicious beating and will need some time to recuperate from all the damage he endured.

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