Lou DiBella Ashamed of Tor Hamer, Releases Him on Twitter

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Photo by Chris Farina/Top Rank

Things started relatively well for Tor Hamer last night in his fight against Andy Ruiz.

He was landing good shots against the undefeated Mexican and certainly giving as good as he was getting.

But, after a few rounds it became evident that Ruiz wasn’t going anywhere and Hamer realized that he’d had enough of the back-and-forth battle.

Hamer took a page out of his own playbook and quit on his stool–for the second time in his career.

Many folks predicted that when things got tough, Hamer would call it a night and that’s exactly what happened.

While it may be intelligent and even gutsy to know when it’s not your night, Hamer’s now former promoter, Lou DiBella was none-too-pleased.

Though Hamer certainly has athletic ability and some skill, he definitely doesn’t have the will-to-win that fans expect from boxers.

It may not be fair or even make much sense to an outsider, but boxing fans demand an over abundance of heart and determination in their fighters.

Do you think DiBella was just in blasting Hamer on Twitter? Should Hamer retire?

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