Miguel Cotto vs. Daniel Geale | Preview & Prediction

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One of the controversial topics surrounding this fight is the catch weight at 157 pounds. Daniel Geale’s promoter Gary Shaw, voiced his concerns about the weight requirement saying, “I have a personal problem with catch weights. We accepted the catch weight of 157 and I’m not here to complain about the catch weight. We’re going to make the weight.”

Well, it sounds like complaining is just what Shaw is doing but catch-weight drama aside, Cotto and Geale are ready to go. During a final press conference for the fight, Cotto appeared confident as ever. He said, “All I have to worry about is my mindset during the fight. I know Daniel is a great fighter and I’m going to do my best as always to bring a good and exciting fight to all the fans.”

Geale is equally as confident in the preparations he and his team have made for the fight. “There’s no excuses,” Geale says, “I’m going in as the best fighter I can possibly be. I’m hoping Miguel Cotto is the best fighter he can be as well.”

With a middleweight championship title on the line, the competitive spirit will be in the air. At this point there’s no time to focus on having a catch weight—both fighters need to worry about making it.

Geale added, “I can’t wait to walk away with another title. I’m going in very confident and I know a lot of people aren’t giving me much of a chance, but I have a huge amount of confidence in myself knowing I’ve completed a great training camp.”

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