Miguel Cotto vs. Daniel Geale | Preview & Prediction


Margarito Cotto - Will Hart
Photo by Will Hart

Miguel Cotto

Miguel Cotto doesn’t have too many weaknesses that will be a disadvantage in the fight but there are a few things he can consider to be as sharp as possible against Daniel Geale. I wouldn’t say Cotto has a strong ability to cut off the ring (though Cotto 2.0 might). However, Cotto will make this victory a lot easier for himself if he can. Geale is a mover, and not necessarily an effective one. If Cotto can take away what little footwork Geale has, he’ll be able to pick him apart easily.

One disadvantage is inactivity. Cotto may be more experienced, but Geale has been much more active than him in the past year. Cotto’s last fight was nearly a year ago, and there’s going to be a bit of ring rust on him. Geale may be a set-up fight, but Cotto shouldn’t be overconfident. He has a couple of fights left and there are better ways to lose than to Geale.


Daniel Geale

Golovkin Geale - Mike Stobe Getty Images
Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Daniel Geale’s defense is definitely one of the holes in his game. He tends to fight with his hands down and even worse, throws punches without bringing his hands back. This, in addition to getting way too comfortable before having figured his opponent out, is how GGG dropped him. Basically, Daniel Geale is more offensive-minded. Defense should be a top priority, especially when he knows his chin can send him to the canvas.

Another problem Geale will have facing a pressure fighter is that he gives his opponents too much time to think. Fighters really underestimate the importance of being first and being active in exchanges. If you’re trying to see how smart someone is, you have to give them something–even a few things at once—to think about.

Not being first gives the other person more time to get the jump on you and build their confidence.

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