Kevin Estrada/Golden Boy

Jaime Munguia and Gabriel Rosado added their names to the hallowed list of fighters in the Puerto Rico vs. Mexico rivalry—boxing’s biggest.

A one-sided victory on the cards for Mexico’s Jaime Munguia obscured the fact that this was an action-packed 12 rounds with nary a dull moment. It’s not completely wrong to have this fight as a candidate for fight of the year—albeit a fringe fight.

The scores were 118-110, 119-109 and 117-111. Round By Round Boxing at ringside had it 118-110, as Munguia earned the biggest win yet in his career. Doing so in dramatic fashion and setting up for a world title shot next year.

Yet, this was no one-sided drubbing. This was an action-packed fight from the opening bell and it rarely let up, with both fighters looking for a knockout in the closing seconds.

But, only Rosado needed it. His game plan to go to the body and to be the bigger man made the fight more competitive that it might have appeared on the cards.

Munguia’s offense under trainer Erik Morales has become more disciplined and has been waged in stages. Munguia executed his game plan expertly. Rosado was very much in this fight. Shaking off Munguia’s combos trying to set-up a big hook or a powerful right hand.

At the end of Round 9, Rosado had Munguia on his bicycle. Munguia was clearly hurt there and buzzed perhaps latter in the fight but, his chin and energy was able to get him through.

It should be no surprise that Munguia wasn’t able to put down Rosado and the Puerto Rican can hold his head up high after this one – that takes nothing away from Munguia but, credit to who took a beating and kept on ticking. Munguia announced in the post-fight interview from ring center he will build on the win with a world title shot next year.

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