Nonito Donaire vs. Nicholas Walters: Preview & Prediction

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Photo by Chris Farina/Top Rank

Both fighters are equally confident in their abilities to not only win, but to do so in dramatic fashion. On fighting Nonito Donaire, Nicholas Walters has said, “I am very hungry and I am confident I will defeat [him], I believe I will knock him out in 5 or 6 rounds (via”

Walters told Ring TV that though power and speed were two of Donaire’s strengths as a bantamweight, there is no contest in the featherweight division or when it comes to boxing IQ:

“I don’t think he’s a very clever fighter. I think that he has speed and power, but that was at a lower weight. Now he’s fighting real men, he’s fighting at a bigger weight. His speed doesn’t affect me, his power doesn’t affect me, so now he’s in with bigger guys. I’m always fighting at 126 (pounds). I’m the big fish at 126. He needs to show me more respect than I need to show him.”

Nonito Donaire - Chris Farina
Photo by Chris Farina/Top Rank

Donaire’s father/trainer, Nonito “Dodong” Donaire Sr., has been very vocal about Donaire’s preparations for the fight and his ability to win. Though Walters claims he is not intimidated by Donaire’s speed and power, Dodong predicts that Walters might run when he feels the power of Donaire’s punches. He also said that Donaire is “in shape,” and that unlike the last fight against Vic Darchinyan he “has no injuries at all. (via”

Donaire and Walters have not faced each other before, but Darchinyan is mention-worthy because he is a common denominator between the two fighters.

Donaire was frustrated and easily rocked by Darchinyan’s quick, well-timed punches, whereas Walters was able to eat most of them. It took Donaire nine rounds to get the job done; it only took Walters five.

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