Nonito Donaire vs. Nicholas Walters: Preview & Prediction

Strengths For Each Man


Nonito Donaire Jorge Arce - AP Photo - David J. Phillip
AP Photo – David J. Phillip

The strengths of each man in this fight will depend on their individual skill sets, how (and if) they use them effectively.

Nonito Donaire mostly has experience going for him, a fighter’s chance and maybe what’s left of his speed and power. If Donaire has improved from his last fight as much as his father/trainer claims, he could do well against Walters. Donaire should not neglect his jab (especially the power jab), which is one of his best assets and arguably the most important punch in boxing.

Donaire needs to be sharp, and I mean pre-Rigondeaux sharp.

In the past, Donaire’s sharpness has been comprised of his power, hand-speed, and footwork syncing together and surpassing the abilities of his opponents. These three factors are equally important for Donaire and will give him the best chance at beating Walters.



Nicholas Walters - Chris Farina
Photo by Chris Farina/Top Rank

Nicholas Walters is more of a pick ‘em type fighter. He starts off in the ring taking his time, and will likely try to “pick and choose” his punches carefully to slowly break Donaire down.

This could significantly work in Walters’ favor, as being patient will prevent him from becoming reckless and susceptible to Donaire’s power punches.

As mentioned in Tale of the Tape, Walters has a five-inch reach advantage over Donaire that will serve him well in the ring. Given that Walters tends to have a counter punching style, the heavy-handed fighter can use his reach to thwart Donaire’s punches with some of his own.

He can also use his jab effectively to keep Donaire at bay, and pick when and if he wants to work on the inside.

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