Nonito Donaire vs. Nicholas Walters: Preview & Prediction

Weaknesses For Each Man


Donaire_Rigondeaux - Chris Farina

Though they call him the “Filipino Flash,” we’ve seen what happens when Nonito Donaire’s speed and power are not enough to beat intelligence.

If Walters’ boxing IQ surpasses Donaire’s, he can easily find himself frustrated and outboxed. We should also be worried if Donaire comes into the ring desperate to get a knockout. As exciting as this would be for boxing fans, Donaire’s game plan should focus on using his head and winning effectively.

Desperation often leads to recklessness, and recklessness to losing titles.

Donaire’s defense is one of the biggest holes in his fight game. Once upon a time, his speed and power may have let him get away with sloppy defense against low-grade competition. However, I’ve noticed in his most recent fights it’s been especially easy for his opponents to land clean, effective punches.

Donaire allowing himself to open up so easily could be potentially dangerous when going up against a guy like Walters, who is looking to fight smart and land well-timed punches.



Nicholas Walters - Sumio Yamada
Photo by Sumio Yamada

Despite his aspirations, Nicholas Walters should too avoid desperation for the knockout. He should also bear in mind that patience coupled with inactivity leads to falling behind on the scorecards.

This means Walters needs to be first and remain active throughout the fight. Two counter punchers can make for a rather uneventful fight, but Walters can find himself outpunched if Nonito Donaire decides to press the action, stick behind his jab and throw combinations.

Like Donaire, Walters also has a hole in his defense. He doesn’t move his head much, which might be a problem if Donaire is able to work around Walters’ reach advantage, and land his power punches effectively.

He demonstrated a strong chin against Darchinyan, who was able to stun Donaire on several occasions, but didn’t seem to faze Walters at all. Walters’ reaction to Donaire’s speed and power chin-wise will determine if his lack of head movement will be a problem.

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