One Time vs. Showtime | 3 Keys to Victory for Keith Thurman

Set the Pace

Keith Thurman vs Julio Diaz Esther Lin
Photo by Esther Lin/Showtime

Keith Thurman needs to establish the pace of the fight early on, and stay in control of the fight’s momentum there onward.

Shawn Porter is a wild fighter, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be neutralized. Porter is the biggest threat to Thurman when he can throw whenever he wants and be in control.

One of the best ways for Thurman to neutralize Porter is to make him feel caught off guard, off-rhythm and off-balance. He can do this by throwing well-timed punches and combinations with an unpredictable rhythm.

Porter is the type of fighter that needs to be told what to do; Thurman is much better at being able to box and think for himself. He has to make Porter so uncomfortable that he forgets his objectives in the ring and starts to wing it.

This will put Porter in a vulnerable position with Thurman, and cause him to make more mistakes.

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