One Time vs. Showtime | 3 Keys to Victory for Keith Thurman

Don’t Get “Power Happy”

Keith Thurman vs. Leonard Bundo - Ed Mulholland Golden Boy Promotions Getty Images 3
Photo by Ed Mulholland/Golden Boy Promotions

We know by now that power is one of Keith Thurman’s best assets. Yet, I frequently have reservations when he goes into fights because of how much he relies on his power.

Sometimes power punchers become so concerned with trying to knock out their opponent that they forget the other skills at their disposal to beat them.

However, I’ll give Thurman the benefit of the doubt this time around. He should definitely use his power to his advantage, especially his right hand.

My hope is that Thurman remembers to use a combination of power and speed in his strategy to beat Shawn Porter.

Rather than just every shot being a hard one, Thurman needs to focus on accuracy and placement of those power punches whenever they are thrown.

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