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Pacquiao Blames Lack of Activity against Mayweather on Shoulder Injury

Mayweather Pacquiao post fight presser espn
Screenshot via ESPN

During the post-fight press conference for his fight with Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao blamed his lack of combination punching on a shoulder injury he suffered a few weeks before training camp.

“Three weeks before the fight I skipped training a couple of days because of injury on my right shoulder,” said Pacquiao.

“What we wanted to do we could not do because of my shoulder,” Pacquiao continued.

“In the 3rd round, I already felt the pain in my shoulder. That is why when I threw a lot of combinations, I backed up,” said the 36-year-old Filipino.

Nevertheless, it was clear Pacquiao had a lot of trouble with Mayweather’s jab and counter right hands.

In Round 4, Pacquiao seemed more dissuaded by his inability to land cleanly, not by the effects of his shoulder injury.

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