Pacquiao vs. Algieri: 3 Keys to Victory for Chris Algieri

3. Sit Back

Pacquiao KO - Screenshot
Screen Shot

When fighting a boxer as experienced and successful as the Pac Man, it becomes a little fruitless to even look in your basket and count your strengths.

It makes a little more sense to just check out his weaknesses instead.

Manny Pacquiao is a counter-punch artist. He waits for the opponent to come forward so he can pop their arm down before parrying.

The logical thing someone can think of then, is to tell Chris Algieri not to fall into this trap. Sit back, and let Manny come to him.

What we could end up seeing from this tactic is an incredibly expensive stare down. The two of them will dance around the ring, throw a feint, throw a jab, and dance some more. It will be boring, but this tactic may just be boring enough to drive Pacquiao into doing something stupid.

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