Peter Quillin and Gabriel Rosado Conference Call: Reaction & Recap


Earlier today, Peter Quillin and Gabriel Rosado held a conference call about their upcoming fight in Atlantic City, NJ  on October 26.

The bout is the featured fight before Bernard Hopkins vs. Karo Murat.

During the call I had an opportunity to ask both of them questions, and both men answered them with total confidence in their abilities and what they believe they will do on October 26.

Both men have mutual respect for one another, even though they both engaged in an Instagram/Twitter war last month. I believe this was just a tactic to help sell their fight and get their fans pumped for this event.

It worked extremely well, as from my point of view, more people and media are talking about this fight then the main event fight of Hopkins vs. Murat.

This fight has the making to be fight of the year, Arturo Gatti vs. Micky Ward like, as both of these fighters are power punchers that don’t just come to fight, they come for war.

Each one will try to up the other, matching punch for punch. Both fighters have it known, they are training for a knockout.

During the call Rosado stated, “No disrespect to Kid, but this fight isn’t going to go 12 rounds, because I’m training for a knockout”.

Rosado made this comment after I asked if he felt he would need to be more aggressive for the judges in order to win so that he wouldn’t get the short end of the stick as he did in the fight against J’Leon Love.

He went on to say, “I’m really not tripping off of the judges, whatever is going to happen because it’s not going to go to the scorecards.”

Peter Quillin has shown the world that he has knockdown and knockout power, and with 10 knockdowns in his last two fights, there are plenty of fight fans who believe Rosado may not have a chance.

I asked Quillin if he had to change his approach in this fight since Rosado basically walked through Gennady Golovkin’s punches during their fight at Madison Square Garden.

Quillin emphatically stated, “NO because I’m not GGG, I’m a whole totally different cut breed”.

He went on the say, “I am Raw, straight up off the Colombian Boat, I’m that Raw.”

Quillin, like Rosado, is a highly aggressive fighter.

“He [Rosado] said it’s not going to the scorecards, and I really honestly believe it. But I don’t believe it’s going to be me who is going to be taking the defeat by being knocked out”.

Both men are coming into this fight with something to prove, and they are determined to not let it go to the scorecards, which will make the night more exciting.

Both fighters bring back memories of Gatti and Julio Cesar Chavez. Fighters that fought from the moment the opening bell rang until the moment the announcer raises the winner’s hand.

The sport has missed that dearly and this fight will bring us back to those days. One of the biggest things that will come out of this fight is who the winner faces next.

Even though GGG is fighting Curtis Stevens November 2 at Madison Square Garden, I believe both Quillin and Rosado are looking to fight him next.

With a win on October 26, Quillin can fight GGG to prove who is the bigger puncher and Rosado can avenge his loss that he felt he could have won if it wasn’t for a cut over his eye.

Regardless of who wins, the real winner of this fight will be the fans in attendance and the millions of viewers who watch via Showtime.


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