5 of the Most Devouring Body Punches

5. Amir Khan vs. Marcos Maidana

Amir Khan - Marcos Maidana Getty Images
Photo by Getty Images

It’s intimidating to watch a boxer like Marcos Maidana taste the mat, but a body shot like this only makes viewers respect the art even more.

Amir Khan is quick to attack in the first round, a treat that many boxers hold off till the 10th. Starting with a jab to command his range, Khan then steps in with another one before throwing a right to the face, which was deflected by Maidana’s elbow.

A hard two and a finishing three that is delivered perfectly into “El Chino’s” side, rocked him to the ground.

Maidana was able to recover, but still was defeated in the end by a solid UD.


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