Ranking the Top 10 Welterweights of All Time

The welterweight division is stacked with great fighters from the past to present, so picking 10 welterweights to stand head and shoulders above them all wasn’t easy.

Originally, I started with five slots, but extended it to 10 because of the wealth of talent.  I also decided to make it a little bit easier by excluding active fighters or fighters who aren’t officially retired, but haven’t fought in some time.

Even with that, there are still so many legendary fighters who could grace an all-time list in this division, it would make your head spin. Despite it, I trudged on and put together a list of 10 welterweights that could stand up to any vetting or opinions from your local boxing enthusiast or unofficial historian.

Unfortunately, I still had to exclude fighters who deserved consideration. When you only have 10 spots, there’s an extremely selective mindset and there were fighters who were switched around on the list and guys who were on the initial list that didn’t make the final cut.

So, having said all of that, let’s get into it and leave your thoughts and comments on the list, even if you disagree.

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