Ranking the Top 10 Welterweights of All Time

 10. Thomas Hearns
(61-5-1, 48 KOs)

“The Hitman” or “Motor City Cobra”–of which Thomas Hearns preferred the latter–was a wiry and tall welterweight with huge shoulders packing an unfairly long jab and murderous right hand.

Though not as established as other fighters on this list, Hearns made waves when he turned pro in 1977. A member of the four horsemen of the 80’s, people talked about his start and rise in boxing like he was a monster, and he was indeed a monster. He rose to prominence quickly, winning his first 17 fights at welterweight via knockout.

In his first title shot for the WBA welterweight belt, Hearns defeated Pipino Cuevas with a crushing second-round knockout. He defended the belt three times all by KO before losing his unification bout with Sugar Ray Leonard in the same fashion.

Hearns immediately went up to junior middleweight following the loss, but continued the success by winning a title and beat the likes of  Wilfred Benitez and also handing Roberto Duran the only knockout loss of his career.

His record at welterweight was a great one, 17-1 with 17 KOs.

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