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Robeisy Ramirez Defeats Shakur Stevenson by Split Decision to Win Gold in Rio


On Saturday, August 20, 2016, the 2012 London Olympic gold medalist, Robeisy Ramirez took a close split-decision victory over American Shakur Stevenson to snag the gold medal in Rio.

The Bantamweight bout was tight, with Ramirez unanimously taking Round 1 on the judges’ cards and Stevenson doing the same in Round 2, but the Cuban’s activity proved to be the difference in the decisive third and final round.

Stevenson was understandably upset after the fight, but was still gracious in defeat and said that he felt his Cuban opponent won the bout.

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Shakur Stevenson crying A LOT backstage. Claressa Shields supporting him.

— Guilherme Cruz (@guicruzzz) August 20, 2016

Stevenson’s story was well documented throughout the games, as he proved to be one of the best boxing prospects in recent American history.

The silver medal is the best finish for an American male since Andre Ward took gold as a light heavyweight in 2004.

Claressa Shields, who won gold in London, will be the final American boxer with a chance to win gold in Rio as she takes on Nouchka Fontijn of the Netherlands on Sunday.

Stevenson showed a lot of promise throughout the competition and with his recent signing to Floyd Mayweather‘s Mayweather Promotions imprint, the New Jersey native will continue to develop.


Alejandro "Alex" Burgos is a former Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report and the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Round By Round Boxing. He is a professional blogger, SEO Consultant and Marketing Director at Capital Practice Consulting in Washington, DC.

  • Cesar Junior Rivas

    What a champ

  • George Figueroa

    The best man won today, regroup and you will be on top again. Good run Silver is a great accomplishment.

  • Danny Steele

    Daniel Canter i feel for him ! Hope he goes all the way in pro

  • Angel Suarez

    Deja de chillar o te parto la m jaja

  • Adam Brookes

    Leanne Gill let’s hope this ent us lol

  • Leanne Gill

    Omg I’m crying lol

  • Xavier Rodriguez

    Much much respect he still has a bright future ahead of him ☝🔝

  • Jaime Diaz

    He has nothing to be shamed . God bless him. Keep your head up champ!

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  • Steve Wellings

    He’ll be some fighter when he hits his teens.

  • Paul Smith

    We are very Proud of you young man! Hold your head up high. It takes Big Stones to even get in that boxing ring. And you gave that guy Hell!!! That was a great fight!!! Thank you!!! Big Props to you!!!

  • Darren Mc Keown

    Great fighter.. Shakur v Conlan in the pro ranks im sure we will see that some day for a world title. The fight every Olympic boxing fan wanted to see this year which never happened cause if horrible judging

  • Laurel Williams

    Needs to learn how to cry though, lol it’s bad um sorry U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Reymond W Diaz

    #Respect he has nothing to be Shamed!!

  • Andy Man

    Keep you’re head up kid! You’re gonna be a champion one day I know it! Jerry Moreno Jerry Gonzalez Louis Cañedo remember his name this kid is gonna be a champion one day!

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  • Tomas Quiroz

    Ash Guidry He made it to the Final but lost. he still won a Silver though!

  • Mario Gutierrez

    Floyd got the bronze now look at him !!! Perfect your craft and come back stronger !!!

  • Ricky Pleasant

    How do you cry bad?

  • Souhail Issaoui

    Kevin Mawete zielig man

  • Afra Syab Khan

    Don’t worry Nat time you win I know

  • Alfredo Santoyo

    Por andar de vergita Enrique Garcia

  • Jermaine Monk

    Hold your head

  • Ahumada FamBam

    You did better then Floyd fam

  • Peter Raffel

    Lmao I couldn’t tell if he was smiling or crying.

  • Ronnie Clark

    I love this kinda passion U0001f60d

  • Joel Ibardolaza

    Keep your head up. You’re gonna be big in the Pros

  • Gustavo Reyna

    Poor guy. U0001f641

  • Roberto Olivares

    What a crybaby.

  • William H Cavali

    Floyd got cheated.

  • Mario Gutierrez

    Yes he did

  • William H Cavali

    I feel his pain.I hate losing as well.but I wouldn’t have cried like that on TV,and idk if we should let him back in the country now

  • Carlos Quinto LV

    Hahaha hahaha haha

  • Leonard Harding

    To the people making fun of posting negative unhelpful comments. Remember he is a kid who has achieved in one Olympics more than you have and probably ever will in your entire life.

  • Nickster Morgan

    He looks like Jordan Katie price is son Harvey

  • Anton Percy

    Don Asitis this bitch boi even worse than the other one lol

  • Peter Lopez

    These cubans all they do its train 24 7 for years. Some other Olympians have to work,study and take care of family plus training. Its obvius, no shame look at the elite in pro boxing.

  • Tre Doee

    Shakur Stevenson keep your head up bro you did great the fact that you made it this far given your circumstances is very admirable. The US loves you bro. You’re still the champ around here no matter what #teamUSA

  • André Funk

    Marvin Wilson crying U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Shae Green

    That’s Isaac Tadeo reaction everytime we spar … Jose Valenzuela Zach Nelson U0001f604

  • Alan Viveros

    These are the moments that forge a champion, nobody likes losing but many greats have and that doesnt mean its over, this will make him work past the limit of being great and push him into elite, “let me tell you something you already know. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!” -rocky. Winning doesnt make you great, never giving up does! Good luck shakur!

  • Bob O’Brien

    Cubans stay in the games until there 49. Lol

  • Giovanni Loya

    Lagrimas de cocodrilo

  • Armando Ramirez

    Days like this is what makes u dig deeper n become a great champion on day. USA and Newark Nj is proud of u.

  • David A. Rosario

    He ‘ll bounce back

  • Cam DK

    He’s a very impressive fighter!! Your going to see a lot more of him in the future

  • Lawrence Macdonald

    Keep youre chin up Champ it’s only the beginning you will be on top of the world U0001f44aU0001f44a

  • Jordan Meares

    Should have been in the final…

  • Darwam Shair

    Lil homie Roy jones lost but he became great fighter! Keep yo head up

  • Junior Castro

    The Fact that he admits he lost and gives props to the tough Cuban shoes a lot about a fighter. I believe he will Come back from this and beat him convincingly.

  • Jordan Meares

    Conlan will win no problemU0001f44cU0001f44a

  • Miguel Valdez

    Great things to come for you Shakur Stevenson keep your head up the fact that you represented your country in the olympics says tons about ,silver or bronze we are proud of you….

  • Daniel Salas

    What a great athlete, a lot of honour in his words, in his tears. The silver medal is a great accomplishment! He can be very proud! He has a great career ahead. (I myself am a Cuban, who watched the 3rd round in replay and counted the effective punches, to make sure the Cuban indeed had won that very very close round). Shakir is already a hell of a boxer, and many good things will come to him.

  • Marcus Wilson

    roy jones got robbed big time he didn’t lose

  • James Richardson

    You did good !!!

  • James Fitch

    Damn shame.Adults teasing a kid for crying.

  • André Funk

    I knew u would say that U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • George Hernandez

    Nothing to be ashamed of , you did a great job in representing. Thanks

  • Bobby Price

    I feel for this kid. Real skilled little fella. I hope mayweather signs him and he gets some getback in the pros

  • Takako Busby Lewis

    There’s a lot of negative nellies commenting. Just rude! Have any of you made it to the Olympics?

  • Marvin Wilson

    André Funk he knows his father’s gonna katsa him when he gets home

  • Juan Samaniego

    Nothing to be ashamed of young man. I feel your pain. Keep your head up & be strong; remember, there are many of us who have not even set foot in a ring…you sir, have an Olympic medal.

  • Awal Bayarea

    Swear he was doing fine until mayweather came around

  • Jose Batista

    He did what so many other fighters and especially fans dont do. He gave another man his credit and respect. He is A1 in my book

  • Frank Lawler

    No problem? Please U0001f602U0001f602

  • Terry Hamilton

    Respect, was beaten by probably the best Cuban boxer since Rigondeax and Kimberland.

  • Jermarkus J-Mark Lovett

    Salute he will be a champ someday

  • Elian Snow

    Sometimes you win, Sometimes you lose. kid has a great future ahead of him. Stay humble and continue getting better and climbing to the top.

  • Oliver Brunius

    They DKSAB period.

  • Peco Lavoe

    Much respect took the lost no excuses this kid is a future champ guarantee.

  • KI Khalieff Alegend

    You win some and loose some. But you live to fight another day. U still A Champion young Brother

  • Tarik Turk

    All the makings of a future great champion, showing full respect to his opponent no excuses blame or bitterness just a very disappointed young man not afraid to show his emotions who hasn’t yet realised the amazing achievement he has just made full respect kid U0001f44aU0001f3fbU0001f44aU0001f3fbU0001f44aU0001f3fb

  • KI Khalieff Alegend

    So did Floyd.

  • Frank Lawler

    No need to curse U0001f612

  • Keenan Elie

    The ameture fight game isn’t meant for everyone. It’s all about points and flailing

  • Jordan Meares

    Frank Lawler Well yes there is because what the AIBA done to him was disgusting

  • Oscar Salto

    Losing is good sometimes. Makes you work harder and doesn’t make you act like a Money…

  • Vincent Leake

    Great Job Lil Bro!!! #StandTall

  • Anthony Marsella Sr.

    Incredible job young man..we’re all so proud of you

  • André Funk

    He wasn’t American
    He looks like a zwana
    I already picked his stick U0001f602U0001f602

  • Faresh Maisuria

    Exactly, humble enough to
    Accept his opponent did enough. Well done lad and wish you every success in the future

  • Frank Lawler

    You’re acting like his career is over. Some of the greatest fighters have been robbed by the olympics and bounced back.

  • El Albino

    Well that Cuban is only 22

  • Alan Seymour

    Poor kid think he will be great

  • Ricardo R. Aaron Leite

    Are you Cuban?

  • Jordan Meares

    Frank Lawler I’m not saying that his career is over I’m saying that what happened to him literally just proves how corrupt the AIBA is. And it literally every boxer’s dream to win a gold medal in the olympics so it’s a big thing for him to be cheated out of it…

  • Peter Lopez

    He’s an adult,100 percent dedicated to amateur until retirement. Thats he’s full time job in cuba.

  • Bobby Scotty

    We will always be proud of you. This is just another lesson in life. You can keep your head held high and continue to be great. You was always awesome and surpassed that in every way. We are always #firstclass Shakur #jersey #newark

  • John Sampson

    He’s an ugly cryer…great job though

  • William H Cavali

    I’m just saying

  • Hunter Wiley

    Media needs to learn to give athletes some time and space to compose themselves before an interview

  • Dave Stephenson

    You should fight him and whoever loses leaves the country, just saying

  • William H Cavali

    I’m a kickboxer/Boxer so I’m widdit

  • Ruben Rivera

    Cuban suck in the pros… So jump off

  • Edgar Guevara

    Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

  • Dave Stephenson

    Make sure your passport is valid then

  • Edgar Guevara

    With all respect, they put him in the pedestal, like it was a gold medal for sure. It puts a lot weight on a fighter.

  • Tony Tulley

    James Denson, this is how you take a loss! This kid will be a World Champion with this mentality.

  • Austin TheOlympian

    That doesn’t make his life worth more, & the same can probably be said about you

  • James Denson

    Damn bro this is sad why u show me this

  • Steve Wellings

    James Fitch – he looks about 10!

  • Edgar Guevara

    With all my respect, they put him in the pedestal. Like it was a gold medal for sure. That puts a lot pressure on a fighter. It was predicted To win for sure, he comes short. The pressure is heavy.

  • Jordan Meares

    Frank Lawler He’s the best Bantamweight on the planet so yes no problem… You just salty because you know full well that if he wasn’t cheated out of the semi final Shakur wouldn’t have made it to the final…

  • Ayden Leong

    So true man.

  • Guillermo Cruz Jr.

    Damn poor kid but silver is still a great accomplishment imo. I respect his honesty and giving props to the other fighter shows he’s ready for the pros.

  • Joel Anthony Otero Burgos

    Kids got heart. Emotions in a young man that age are all over the place. He’s a champion through and through, and will make this just a small page in one chapter of his life.

  • Tony Tulley

    James Denson cause this is the sign of a future world Champion!

  • Frank Lawler

    I’m salty but Shakur is the one with the medal. You seem to be the one salty U0001f602

  • Latiff Mccleod

    #NewarkNj we love you kid #Shakur

  • Chris Hendrix

    Stand up jersey! I’m with ya kid! Great job shakur!

  • Born Winner

    Dorian PerkinsChris LymonDaRio Rio Greazy Arevalo HOW LOSING GOTTA FEEL

  • Darren Mc Keown

    Agree with Jordan Meares ATM Conlan is in a class of his own. but with experience and a good team behing Shakur hes gonna be a real good talent as is Mick Conlan. ive no doubt were gonna see these 2 fights each other in the future

  • James Denson

    I love it

  • Rensi Rosales

    Tmt is waiting for u U0001f44d

  • Jay Budzy

    Humble as hell after taking the L this kid has a bright future STILL

  • YungShady Go Angetit

    Its alright baby boy just part of the journey

  • Carmelo Vargas

    I can name a few fighters that came up short in the Olympics who went on to be greats!

  • Dorian Perkins

    Man bro. It was Tough to watch. I know How He Feel.

  • Mis Downing

    We love you

  • James Fitch

    Lmao that’s true.He really does.

  • Kenric Lyndell

    No shade but he reminds me of Boobie Miles from Friday Night Lights. “You told me we were going to the Pros”

  • Jeffrey Dallas Drew

    He gave a great run see u in 4 years kid with heart like that gold will be yours

  • Bridget Butler

    We are proud of you,,,

  • Daryl Dmg Davis

    This young man has a bright future ahead

  • Tom Meadows

    Daryl Cheetham i dnt like a lose U0001f62d

  • Mackaveli Brown

    He Did Great For a Youngboy! & He Put On For NJ U0001f4afU0001f4aaU0001f3fd He Still a Champ In My Eyes

  • Jordan Meares

    Frank Lawler Shakur’s lucky Conlan got cheated out of the semi final Because if he wasn’t He would have even won silver…U0001f602

  • Brian Stewart

    He signed with Floyd

  • Vidal L Freire

    There goes his contract with Floyd .

  • Daryl Alderman

    He just have to grow from it. I’m sure he will

  • Othman Hearns

    Ben Marvelous chez pas pq mais guette ca tete quand y pleur U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f62b Walid Robinson

  • Sonny Zef Side Ogarro

    Maya Jade Essu-Taylor See what I mean? U0001f440

  • Othman Hearns

    Fati Beer chui mort tema comment T pleur U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Bobby Archer King

    Proud of the kid he has the right attitude never settle for second

  • Uriguen Fausto

    *they’re* You’re welcome.

  • Robert Cabrera

    Get those tears out, dust your shoulders off and look down…those are your feet…stand back up on them…four years from now…you WILL make history with a gold medal.

  • Kevin Olavere

    He got beaten by the Cubans best amateur boxer.

  • Larry Clifton

    Proud of him

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  • Joe Joe Houghton

    Luke Mawdsley world champion in 3 years easy

  • Gary Sugar

    Damn poor kid put his heart into it. I can remember losing my national flights kills you. The kid puts everything into it so yes it hurts. Remember he fights for the United States and himself. What it all comes down to he just a kid still…

  • Matthew Tyndall

    Stevenson was brilliant it was very close it would of been no disgrace if he got the gold a brilliant talent but I can’t help but think that Michael Conlon was better than both, but well done lads on a great final.

  • Israel Hughes

    Silver was an insult to him. He poured out emotionally when dude said silver

  • Nina Lira-Santiago

    This young man gave it in the ring and after. He have his heart! For him to show his emotions just is a reminder that boxers are human too!

  • Melvin Green

    He still won…..A CONTACT WITH TMT/HAYMON…. He’s good!

  • El Albino

    Jajajaja a llorar pa maternidad

  • Jerman Gaspar

    I think he’s gonna go pro what do you guys think?

  • Eric Thompson

    Wow keep you’re head up Champ no excuses are like that good sportsmanship.

  • Junior Castro

    Jerman Gaspar yea I think he is, he has the sponsors and he skills haha

  • Frank Lawler

    ^Sorry but you’re clairvoyant abilities don’t convince me.

  • Mike Rob

    I couldn’t tell if he was laughing or crying

  • William H Cavali

    Pull your skirt down B

  • Matt Bartlett

    That’s tough. Hard to lose, but he should’ve gotten himself together before getting on camera. He will really regret that one of these days I’m afraid. Again, Losing is hard especially in something like the Olympic Games, but cry in the back, if possible.

  • Sean Harvey

    Damn that hurt watching its just gone made him better

  • Cesar Ivan

    He will avenge in the pros U0001f44aU0001f3fe

  • Raymond Mayo

    Which is y u wasting time talking to them people. U trying to convince a loser to become a winner. Ain’t happening

  • Kyle Carmichael

    Keep ya head Lil Bro, I cried after a lost plenty of times. Use this as motivation to be the best. Continue to master your craft and keep chasing greatness. #eat #jersey #begreat

  • Raymond Mayo

    Ruben Rivera lot of great Cuban boxers. Most never make it out of Cuba. A few here and there but nothing major. The more you are great the more the government watches you and your family

  • Larry Luckett

    Gotta love the passion!

  • Derek Callier

    Still Proud of you Shakur!!!!

  • Sergio Donis

    Keep your head up champ!! Bigger things ahead for you!

  • Alex Villar

    Nothing but love for this kid, he’s going to be a world champ someday. For the ones making fun of him in any way shape or form, you’re a nobody and you will always be meaningless in this world.

  • Jordan Meares

    Yeah only because he was gifted a place in the final after his opponent who “apparently” beat Michael Conlan couldn’t fight…

  • Ralphy El Malo Tiguere


  • Ness Rivas

    He ain’t no kid. He’s 19. He could’ve handled that better. No one likes losing but no one also likes a sore loser. You won silver kid. We proud of you. Don’t have a temper tantrum. Be classy.

  • Rasheed Johnson

    Davon Johnson man I wish he would of won but this shows you how passionate and how much of a champ he is real rap

  • Tekea Brown

    Stop being negative towards him! What the hell have you done up until you were 16? I’ll wait! He has accomplished the ultimate highest point! You wish you were in his shoes jerk

  • Davon Johnson

    That’s real rap

  • Tekea Brown

    Aww that was awesome

  • Tekea Brown

    Shut up! He had a goal in mind so he’s upset at himself cause he believes he cold have done better! He’s still a kid 19 or 20

  • Davon Johnson

    He didn’t he said the guy won, but he didn’t feel like he accomplished anything because he lost. He didn’t disrespect he cried because he expected better of himself and he didn’t achieve his goal that he put his heart and soul into. If you don’t like the fact that he cried that way you don’t have to but he is young and he came this is his life boxing is Shakur so it’s more than just a loss to him.

  • Ness Rivas

    Again still not a kid. An adult. And I agree. He *could* have done better which is why he’s upset and has every right to be. But he didn’t need to have a temper tantrum and act like what he did wasn’t great. That’s not a champion move. Like I said. He could’ve handled that better with out wining.

  • Ness Rivas

    Davon Johnson yeah. That’s what I’m saying. But he said he didn’t feel like he accomplished anything because he doesn’t LIKE to lose and he doesn’t like second place. Like I said. He could’ve handled that better.

  • Jadrien Fluellen

    How is he a sore loser??? Did he make any excuses? Did he discredit his opponent in any way? How did he have a temper tantrum? He gave the guy his full due without making any excuses. Who do you think likes to put in all of that work to come in second place? Maybe he feels emotional because he felt he let his entire country down (which he didn’t). Everybody handles things in different ways. You have pros who have MUCH less sportsmanship than him and these are men that’s been doing it far longer. Nobody likes to lose. Not everybody gives their opponents credit like this guy did.

  • Paul Smith

    As a former boxer I know how hard it can be to deal with a loss. As boxers we are ready to die rather than to loose .

  • Hassan O’donoughue

    Lucio Escobar putain c’est triste

  • Mimi Mapache-Tlacuache Rodríguez

    Much to learn, much to accomplish.

  • Ness Rivas

    Jadrien Fluellen you know what. You’re absolutely right. Maybe Sore loser was a poor choice of words. I didn’t mean it as in he didn’t give his opponent credit there for he was a sore loser. I meant it in the sense that he isn’t even giving himself even a little wiggle room to think he did a great thing making him a sore loser. You made second and can’t appreciate it. You get what in saying?

  • Caleb Vasquez

    Men don’t cry

  • Caleb Vasquez

    Frank John Kelly
    Only home o’s cry.
    My 13 year old kid even said.. who cries
    And before you flap your gums Frank my kid for the summer goes to Texas my dad takes him to Mexico and he boxes with the Mexicans stuff my dad made us do growing up, and he wrestles in middle school here in Ohio.
    One day if that boxer makes it they will always pull that pic out when he was crying.

  • Jamaal Burden

    You have nothing to be ashamed of. We are all proud of you and know you will bounce back and become a great pro. All of the greats have had to battle adversity. Hold your head high. Get in that gym and take that anger out on the rest of the boxing world. Make them feel your pain.

  • Dennis Dee

    Inspite all of that. He still admitted that the better man won. This kid has integrity/character and will be a Champion someday.

  • Nemo Ioane

    Respect Shakur Stevenson passion for our sport is much needed. Been watching you fight since ringside now I can’t wait to see you as a pro. God bless

  • Wilson Corleone

    Bet you wouldn’t say that if he was white lol

  • Jean Phillippe Day

    Gotta feel for the kid…..I think he’s gonna come back like a monster after this experience…..

  • Eddie Soto

    Got learn now I know this was a big step up for you. You got to be proud of your self . head up bigger steps coming your way so stay focused

  • Eddie Murphey

    I hope TMT takes care of this kid

  • Todd Mitchell

    We proud of you young man

  • James Anthony

    You accomplished a lot learn from this and keep it pushing. Your gonna be great.

  • Justin Kulig

    Life is about perspective. Saying something negative about a sportsman could be worth more to someone then being an Olympic champion

  • Sonny Peterson

    Great job young brother.

  • Robert Houston

    You live a few blocks away from me young man , I don’t know you personally but I know your family and the way you brought this violent city together you must know you are the real champion , in and out the ring … salute to you young brother. .

  • MrHbo ZoEnt

    Keep head up bro

  • Michael Apa

    Absolutely Love This Kid! this is what USA IS ABOUT….BOXERS LIFE’s Matter!

  • Nick H. Myers III

    To people who have never fought silver is good! But when you put your all into it and fall short it hurts like heck! That kid should have been hurt and pissed at himself! He just lost a Gold Medal! Either stay amateur and go get a Gold Medal or turn pro and get paid! Either way you grow up! Peace and blessings kid!

  • Floyd E Favors Jr

    He was honest to himself and to us all.

  • Leo Ruiz

    Shakur will go on to do great things. He will learn from this and go on to be an even better professional. Glad he’s an American!

  • Brandon Webster

    Bro you gone be a millionaire next year keep yo head up

  • Brian Norman

    Brian Norman
    You better not !!!!!

  • Orlando Orly Alderete

    He needs to mentally toughen up. There’s no cryinn in boxing

  • Keith Foster

    Good job young man!!!u will be great!!!

  • Dean Cooper

    Ramirez is incredible, both will become brilliant professionals

  • Joe Burns

    The winner of the Conlon fight in blue lol, the referee must have been hitting him, because apparently Wee Mick didn’t, according to aiba. Lol.

  • Joe Burns

    All these elite amateurs are paid now, through funding, few of them actually work other than train now.

  • Shandon Scott-Rivers

    last oneU0001f602but Kani Acree this look like Darius Beane!

  • Joe Burns

    I’m suprised Billy Walsh allowed that kid to be interviewed straight after missing the gold medal, he’s young, raw and severely disappointed in his achievement, he should have been ushered away too get his head cleared, he’s just a kid.

  • Ruben Rodriguez

    That kids still showed plenty respect to his opponent!!! I am glad it happened now instead of his beautiful career ahead of him! An example was Floyd Mayweather 96!!! And look at him. Nobody comes close to him!!!!!

  • Malik Freeman

    We love and support you young man.You’ve done us proud as American’s and also citizens of Newark NJ.
    This only the beginning of a bright and prosperous future. NJ ICON WE SALUTE, YOUR BEST HAS YET TO COME!!!

  • Ruben Rodriguez

    Carmelo Vargas hell yea!!!! Floyd, Holyfield, Tyson( i think), Jones jr… Those

  • Jay Dubb

    Remember…a true champion comes back from a loss…Roy Jones Jr and Floyd Mayweather became the best…this kid is next!

  • Omar Benitez Reyes

    Let’s go USA U0001f1faU0001f1f8

  • Lynel Davis

    Hold your held up and build off it. It hurts but your young and have much to built off. Its hard watching the best in the world hurt by losing to someone just as good as him. Although the day he realize the accomplishment of going that far can only be imagine without having the skill he have. He is hurt now but I believe his training will excel to the next level

  • Davon Johnson

    Ness Rivas no he didn’t feel like he accomplished anything cause at the end of the day he lost and be losing to him isn’t an accomplishment you go out there to be the best not the second best

  • Jose EX

    God bless him… He gonna b a champ I guarantee that…

  • Kaleel Hamilton

    Yanni Murray this is how I feel rn

  • Yanni Murray

    I don’t understand why .

  • Joshua James Henderson

    I know the feeling no one does give him time he will appreciate 2nd place.

  • Kevin McAdams

    “REAL” men do cry
    I feel sorry for you and how you were raised to think that “men don’t cry “.

  • Kevin McAdams

    Thanks, now I don’t have to try and think of a cliché. You pretty much got them all in that one post. Lol

  • Harry Shore

    Chelsea Brownsword this is so sadU0001f613 xxxxx

  • Lucio Escobar

    Et merde. il vas apprendre

  • Hassan O’donoughue

    Oui! Mais il a sérieusement perdue. C’est pas grave

  • Rhys Saunders

    Shakur was only ever Guna get beat by the Cuban. Conlan was robbed of a bronze bout but the right final happened, 2 of the best boxers at the Olympics

  • Olamide George

    ” that’s what happens when you copy the Mayweather style as an amateur or profession, you will lose on your biggest night, ask Broner and Berto!

  • Carlos Torres

    This will make him better. He just don’t know that yet. He’s already signed to TMT maybe Roger Mayweather will be able to sharpen up his tools. You never lose even when you think you’ve lost. You only gain. What doesn’t kill you______________?

  • Louis Scanlon

    This young man is a credit to boxing and will go a long long way! Salute too you kid from a brit U0001f44dU0001f3fc

  • Henry Flynn

    Sheagra Capers he’s who I was telling you about

  • Reyni Cruz

    Great job regardless how he ended! Shakur Stevenson made us proud…more importantly those of Newark and the surrounding areas! You evidently have a great future ahead. Be well and God bless! Keep you.bead up!

  • Darren Mc Keown

    U think Shakur would have beat Conlan?

  • Eppie Regis

    Turn pro with Mayweather Promotions…

  • Tom Powell

    Head up champ!! Worst feeling is the world losing something you was so close to..

  • Jamie Cain

    Big future ahead of him

  • Alturrick Kenney

    Work in the sport, if most young people showed as much passion as Shakur….be honored. His work ethic and desire to accept clear victories will make his career as successful.

  • Andy Kilburn

    Somebody needs to tell him that silver at the Olympics is still a great accomplishment.

  • Dave Stephenson

    Wonder who Shakur will take more notice of, Andre Ward or thingy the world famous kick boxer?

  • Nathan O’quinn

    Keep your head up lil bro….you showed more courage after the fight than most I know you earned all my respect

  • Rich L Öpez

    good fighter,seems like a good kid..but someone nees to teach him how to lose with honor.i know its easier said than done.wish him nothing but the best,he has a promising future.

  • Victoria Ivette Rodriguez

    It’s a tough break he didn’t get the gold. He’s still a champion. I admire his drive and talent. I’m sure his future is bright and he’ll find a lot of success
    Congratulations on your silver medal!

  • Anthony Jackson

    Kevin Mckechnie Harvey Price

  • Jason Gamble

    That young man has talent. The same thing happened to Roy Jones Jr. They lit a fire in him… You are going to see big things from him… VERY BIG THINGS!

  • Lolo Cook

    He’s going to be ok believe me. He’s going to work hard and be a good pro

  • Allen Jay Anderson

    The final? How he wasn’t robbed in the semifinals

  • Chris Thony

    good fighter but robeisy was better, more quality and best boxing technical.

  • Earl Iglesia

    Thats alright kid. No such thing as losses.. Just lessons. Learn from this and now you know what change needs to be made for next time. All good kid just keep it going champ..U0001f44dU0001f44a

  • Ralph Howard

    U got a pro style ! U see him in the pros. Good job champ.

  • Edouard Goumachian

    Better well deserved silver than paid for gold , stolen from the winner .

  • Slim Will

    Ok they might pull that picture out of him crying and say what? He was 17 made it to the Olympics got a silver medal and became a little emotional about his loss?? I really don’t think that will bother him.

  • Mesut Can Polat

    Kendal Bahadirgil dont cry when i beat you on fifa

  • Samir Granger

    You destined for greatness.U0001f64fU0001f3fe

  • Travis Santiago

    The one thing that people need to realize about this kid and this fight…it was more than just him not wanting to lose but he was on a platform that comes only every 4 years and he knows losing this fight is another 4 years he will have to wait in order to show and prove…but let’s take somethings away from this…he’s an compassionate competitor (nothing wrong with that) but he is also a respectful person in his lose…the world got to see the future of Shakur Stevenson. This is definitely not the last time we will see him…mark my words.

  • Anthony Metellus

    That hurt me watching this but keep your head up kids you’ll have a bright future ahead of you.

  • David Mejias

    Being from Newark, kid keep your head up, you represented our city and the people of our city with resiliency with heart and with determination, you’re a champion kid. And you’re only going to learn and grow get stronger get faster smarter. Keep doing you. The people from Newark are super proud of you!

  • Chris Ochieng

    Awesome post man..

  • Mark Van Tassel

    It’s easy to talk from your couch!!!!!!great job!!!!

  • Chris Ochieng

    Caleb Vasquez Without Passion, your kids won’t amount to anything great in life.

  • Kyle Jones

    Nothing hurts worse than falling short at something you’ve given everything to. The victory is in the struggle, not the win. Much love and respect for your effort.

  • Ben Walle

    Judging was a joke throughout the entire olympics, as was the reffing. It’s been this way since I can remember none worse than 88 roy jones jr. Things need to change

  • Papito Cardona

    Hats of to this young gladiator mad humble and made no excuse congrats on your silver medal now go sign with money Mayweather and get yours young brother #futureworldchampion

  • Mike Sanders

    This was his dream, it hurts. He wasn’t bitter he was a man who admitted he didn’t do enough but was also emotionally destroyed. Respect to the kid, people love sportsmen who wear their heart on their sleeves and he can fight. Good luck to him.

  • Ant Jackson

    Caleb Vasquez after he beats they ass what they gone say

  • Wilfred Thomas

    Just remember son, you win some and you lose some. You were humble in your defeat and you’ll one day be champion of the world!!!! Just look at your mentor Floyd Mayweather. He got robbed in the Olympic’s and never lost again after that!

  • Don Asitis

    Looool what’s wrong wid all these bitches

  • Eduardo Resendiz

    Keep your head up Shakur, we U0001f1faU0001f1f8 are proud of you!

  • Chico Ramjhattan

    Look at the money team. U be there one day

  • Tiffiany Wells

    He had his mind set on getting to the top. It hurts, but he will go on to be great.
    Don’t stomp on a person’s dream. A true champion admits defeat and compliments those who have beaten them.
    Keep striving to be the best you can and will be young man.

  • Jayson Mosucka

    Good job kid this will make u better believe in urself n the people will also

  • Roberto Olivares

    Kenny Vidales you too must be a sensitive little bitch.. Hahaha

  • Jordan Meares

    Allen Jay Anderson He would have beaten Shakur..

  • James Corkey Glover


  • Donk Rafael Ramirez


  • Andrew Roberts

    Listen if you just fail at something you love in front of the world. It’s completely normal to be upset. This kid will be an top pro

  • Lateef Phoenix

    Big up to the young boy, he represented for his city, county, state, and country.. and handled it all graciously and responsibly… I’m proud of the young boy.. U0001f1faU0001f1f8U0001f1faU0001f1f8U0001f1faU0001f1f8

  • Calvin Jr Harrison

    keep ur head up Shkur….u did good

  • Mike Bradley

    Great Job…Take pride in your silver and come back for your gold!

  • Von Powell

    He been signed to the money team he crying tears of joy over all the millions he will make

  • Von Powell

    He been signed to Myweather Money team I doubt he cares he is set for life TMT.

  • David Supa Moore

    Damn he hurt but he won already he went and fought fuh US USA THAT’S ALL WE NEEDED LIL HOMIE💯💯👊👊💪💪✌✌

  • Jarad Ponce

    Champ right there. You can’t be great at what you do if you don’t have emotion about it

  • King Garcia

    What a sore loser-winner. Lol cried like he was 2 again.

  • Von Powell

    He signed with Mayweather wont be crying for long

  • Daniel Martinez

    Keep that head up young man you are headed for greatness….you represented the USA with class.See you soon on Pay Per View…..

  • Ken Bam Bam

    Mo Mo Fourfourtwo Ali Haydari mayweather hat ihn unter Vertrag genommen

  • Demarez Wilkerson

    Half the time the suckers who make negative comments never put on a pair of gloves but is a boxing expert.

  • Mike Ayon

    Good job young man. We’re all proud of you keep your head up.

  • Willie L. Franklin

    No hating at all. Way to battle, kid. Great job. You represented your country with honor.

  • Oskr Leon

    Its all good champ…. No shame in feeling emotional. You represented for Americans and yourself and should be very proud… chin up U0001f4aa

  • Vernon Sixgen Harley

    Well I’ve been to a war zone for a total of 3 years, so no he hasn’t accomplished more than me. I fully understand how he feels BUT…….#1he got a silver medal and #2 he’s hella young! With that mentality he will be back and he will accomplish his dreams. I hope to see him back in 2020 whooping everyone else. Disappoint often leads to harder training and bigger accomplishments

  • Nunzio Germe

    KeepPunching you are a TrueChampion

  • Jeremy Forcier

    That kid is going places

  • Davon Johnson

    Ness Rivas I get what you saying but there are guys mentally that means nothing to at all Michael Jordan’s and Muhammad Ali’s people that based everything on the fact that they were the best no one is better than them so to lose and have to look at yourself in a different way that’s what you get

  • Abel Navarrete Jr.

    Damn man. I know the feeling! Badass run and Great way to represent the USA like you did!! BEAST

  • Mike Trainer

    Classy kid. What an example of American and world class excellence.
    Must respect young manU0001f44aU0001f3fc

  • Jayda Lilnu Davis

    He didn’t have a temper tantrum he’s in love with the sport and he still showed sportsmanship. Known the difference

  • Jayda Lilnu Davis

    Y’all worrisome like shutup. Not realizing that shakur is in love with this sport and worked extremely hard to get where he is today. I’m so proud of you Shakur Stevenson love you hun

  • Abdullah Aksungur-Holst

    Talhah Bermudez smh Walah

  • Joel Velazques

    Omar MC Poofy Velazques check out this statue lol

  • James N Lety Elizalde

    I wish I could hug this kid. He took it like a man admitting his defeat and didn’t run from his emotions. Fans for life!!!

  • Rick Martinez

    Your ignorant assumption makes you just like everyone else though. So who is worse?

  • Clarence Stockton

    @Shakur Stevenson you have a great future. ….press on

  • Ray Jones

    Shakur,we know you are going to be world champ one day. You are whst USA bpxing needs. Its hard I know. Put that log on the fire and it will continue burn stronger.

  • Jarae Nill Williams

    some of u people arent fit to be parents

  • Frank John Kelly

    No Matt you’re just another fwit