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Ruben Villa Impresses in Television Debut on ShoBox

Rosie Cohe/Showtime

Featherweight prospect Ruben Villa (15-0, 5 KOs) made his television debut Friday night on Showtime and continued his winning ways as he decisoned Ruben Cervera (10-1, 9 K0s).

For many watching, it was their first time seeing Villa in action. He dominated the action as he easily outboxed his opponent round after round.

Cervera made things entirely too easy for his opponent. It was clear from the first few rounds that Villa’s game plan was to box and move. Cervera just could not cut off the ring effectively.

Often times he would just throw one looping shot at a time. Villa would easily avoid the shots as he would see it coming a mile away. Cervera did manage to slow down his opponent in the seventh round however.

He landed an obvious low blow that prompted the referee to halt the contest and give Villa a bit of time to recover.

When things resumed it was as though the match was on a everlasting loop as Villa continued to do a masterful job of hitting and moving, while Cervera continued to plod around the ring swinging one big blow at a time hoping that he would land something that would change the complexion of the contest.

It was an impressive performance by Villa in his television debut on ShoBox. No one will be hailing him as a must-see prospect just yet, but his stock will absolutely rise.

The Featherweight division is littered with a ton of talent. Villa will have to earn his stripes the hard way. If he continues to look as impressive as he did however, then he might become a major player in the division.

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