Sadam Ali Wins Exciting Golden Boy Debut


It was an action packed bout from the opening bell as Sadam Ali (17-0, 10 KOs) and Jay Krupp (17-6, 8 KOs) tested each other early, not seeming to respect each other’s power.

Krupp ended the first round with a sweeping left that put Ali to the canvas just as the bell rang. From then on it was a war, with each one throwing monster punches and landing successfully.

Ali landed a sweet left-right combo in the third round that put Krupp on his back and what many thought was the end of him.

The eighth and final round was a slug fest in which Ali dropped Krupp once again. In the end, Ali won by unanimous decision with the judges scores being, Julie Lederman 77-72, Waleska Roldan 79-72, and Tom Schreck 78-71.

After the event, I had a chance to catch up with Ali, and this is what he had to say about the fight.

RBRBoxing: Pretty wild fight, I guess just take me through it from your point of view a little bit.

Ali: Well it was a wild fight as you can see, look at my face. I took some punches and gave some punches as well. In boxing you have to be able to trade basically, if you’re giving punches, you have to be able to take punches. And if you can’t take a punch, boxing is not for you. When I’m in the ring, I’m in there to entertain, I’m in there for the crowd to have a good time. If people are going to spend there money, I want them to enjoy what they are watching. It was a great fight for the Barclays Center in front of my hometown, they really supported, it was jam packed in there. I’m excited and I feel like I could have done better, but you know what, I’m still happy about my performance, I came out victorious and I’m just happy about it all.

RBRBoxing: What was it like for you, I know I saw you looking at everyone, as they were getting on their feet chanting your name. What was that like?

Ali: I’m used to that, it really pumps me up, but at the same time I was just trying to stay calm in the ring because I know this guy was working real hard and he wants to upset me. He wanted to knock me out and put himself on the map, so I was taking my time and being cautious in the ring, but I had a great time.

RBRBoxing: When he knocked you down there in the first, what was going through your mind?

Ali: Nothing, he just caught me with a good punch, also I was a little off balance if you watch the tape, but it was nothing I can’t handle. I can take a punch, not everybody can, but I can take a punch.

RBRBoxing: How about back there at the end? Did you feel like you needed to do a lot in the last round, maybe to go out with a bang to make sure you got the win?

Ali: Well I knew I was ahead already before that last round, he dropped me once, I dropped him twice, so I knew I was ahead in the score cards. I wasn’t really worried, but I made sure I stayed cautious. I knew he was going to [try and] land that one lucky punch [that] can could be landed on anybody, so I was just cautious of that.

RBRBoxing: I know you have been out for a year and signed with Golden Boy Promotions a few months ago. Do you think that had anything to do with it tonight?

Ali: I don’t want to make any excuses.

RBRBoxing: No excuses, just as far as a little ring rust.

Ali: Yes I felt a little rusty, but hey, if you can’t fight being a little rusty, it’s not going to make you a better fighter. I feel like it’s going to make me a better fighter, because if I can fight rusty and still win then it’s a good thing.

RBRBoxing: Since being off a year, are you going to push Golden Boy for a fight soon or in a few months?

Ali: I’m not going to push Golden Boy to do anything, they will do what they have to do. When I’m ready to fight, look how many cards they have, when I’m ready to fight, they will have a card for me. I’m always active in the gym anyway, so I’m always ready.

RBRBoxing: What’s next? Did you think about what your next step is after this?

Ali: Well, I’m signed with Golden Boy, so whatever they have ready for me, I’m ready for anything. My next fight should be at the Barclays again, I want to thank all my Brooklyn family, fans and supporters that came out to support me. I really appreciated it and this is just the beginning of my journey and I can’t wait to continue.

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