Canelo Alvarez vs. Dmitry Bivol

Round 1: Canelo coming out winging big hooks in Round 1. Bivol working behind the jab. One of the best at changing levels, Canelo pokes the jab up top and hits the body with a straight right.

Round: 10-9 for Canelo

Total: 10-9 for Canelo

Round 2: Canelo throwing power shots to the head, arms body etc. Putting pressure on Bivol. Bivol throwing mostly jabs, but had some success with combinations.

Round: 10-9 for Bivol

Total: 19-19 Even

Round 3: Canelo starting to get his defensive movement going, threw a lot of power shots upstairs.

Round: 10-9 for Canelo

Total: 29-28 for Canelo

Round 4: Bivol letting his hands go and having some success. Canelo laying on the ropes flashing some upper body defensive moves. Big uppercut for Canelo in the dying seconds of Round 4. Didn’t land flush but a good power shot.

Round: 10-9 for Canelo

Total: 39-37 for Canelo

Round 5: Round 5 saw Bivol have success, pressing Canelo on the ropes and throwing/landing some massive shots. Canelo stayed on the ropes and waived Bivol in, but the champion did not bit.

Round: 10-9 for Bivol

Total: 48-47 for Canelo

Round 6: Close round to score, neither man did anything flashy, but Bivol worked well behind the jab.

Round: 10-9 for Bivol

Total: 57-57 Even

Round 7: Another close round, but Canelo dictated the pace and seemed to throw and land more meaningful shots.

Round: 10-9 for Canelo

Total: 67-66 for Canelo

Round 8: Good round for Bivol who works at a steady pace, while Canelo looks tired and frustrated.

Round: 10-9 for Bivol

Total: 76-76 for Canelo

Round 9: Better round for Canelo who showed a lot of good movement and defense. His offense isn’t all that effective, but he did a bit more than Bivol. Again, a close round.

Round: 10-9 for Canelo

Total: 86-85 for Canelo

Round 10: Bivol doing the bulk majority of the work and dictating the pace of the round. Canelo doesn’t seem to have an answer for how to get through on Bivol.

Round: 10-9 for Bivol

Total: 95-95 Even

Round 11: Bivol round once again as the cleaner and harder shots were landed by the champion. Bivol’s guard is tight and Canelo is getting countered.

Round: 10-9 for Bivol

Total: 105-104

Round 12: Bivol presses forward and again, takes the fight to Canelo who looks tired and unable to sustain an attack for more than a few seconds.

Round: 10-9 for Bivol

RBRBoxing Total: 115-113 for Bivol

Official Final Scores: 115-113, 115-113 and 115-113 for Bivol

Montana Love vs. Gabriel Gollaz Valenzuela

114-112 three times for Montana Love who wins a close decision over Gabriel Gollaz.

Fight could have gone either way or been a draw.

Shakhram Giyasov vs. Christian Gomez

In an absolute war, Shakhram Giyasov defeats Christian Gomez, whom he knocked down three times over 10 rounds.

Giyasov, who goes as “The Wonder Boy,” won via scores of 99-88 twice and 98-89.

Marc Castro vs. Pedro Vicente Scharbaai

Marc Castro scores a one-sided unanimous decision victory over Pedro Vicente Scharbaai. Scores were 60-54 across the board.

Zhilei Zhang vs. Scott Alexander

Zhilei Zhang blasts Scott Alexander in one round. The official stoppage came at 1:54 in Round 1.

Joselito Velazquez vs. Jose Soto

Joselito Velazquez gives Team Canelo an early victory as he stops Jose Soto to improve to 15-0.

Fernando Angel Molina vs. Ricardo Valdovinos

Fernando Angel Molina takes a split decision victory over Ricardo Valdovinos to improve to 8-0.

Elnur Abduraimov vs. Manuel Correa

Elnur Abduraimov takes the victory over Manuel Correa via TKO in Round 2.

Alexis Espino vs. Aaron Silva

Alexis Espino suffers the first loss of his career, as Aaron Silva scores a Round 4 TKO to remain unbeaten.


All photos by Ed Mulholland/Matchroom Boxing

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