Scott Quigg: Frampton Has Been Knocked out Before, He Can Be Hurt!

Frampton Quigg - Lawrence Lustig

Carl Frampton (21-0, 14 KOs) and Scott Quigg (31-0-2, 23 KOs) met face-to-face during Sky Sports’ “The Gloves Are Off,” ahead of their unification bout on Saturday, February 27. The fight will be contested at the Manchester Arena, United Kingdom.

During the show, Frampton was adamant that he was the preeminent fighter, when compared to Quigg. “I’m a legitimate champion,” said Frampton.

“I didn’t win [a world title] in a boardroom, or over an email.”

Quigg remained unabashed during Frampton’s criticism over his WBA title, a title that now grants him as a “Super” champion, as a consequence of Guillermo Rigondeaux being stripped.

In response to the criticism, Quigg believed Frampton was unhappy, most likely due to not fighting in his native Northern Ireland. Instead, he is fighting closer to Quigg’s home in Manchester.

“You like to be in control, and when that control is taken away from you, you start acting erratic.”

Things got more personal, when Frampton was asked to describe Quigg as a fighter. Frampton was elaborate in his response. “Your lack of intelligence outside the ring, reflects in the ring. You don’t have much of a boxing brain,” said Frampton.

The discussion heightened in intensity, when Quigg recalled Alejandro Gonzalez’s (25-3-2, 15 KOs) two knockdowns over Frampton in July 2015.

“Yeah, he’s [Frampton] got demons in there, knowing that he’s been put down.”

“And, not only that, he’s been knocked out.” Quigg then spoke further about the alleged knockout, saying it was in a gym in Scotland. Frampton was bemused.

“I have never been knocked out,” Frampton said, followed by an accusation of his own. “You were beaten up, by a guy much lighter. And I’ve seen video footage of it.”

The latter part of the show focused on the importance of the fight itself, irrespective of the verbal sparring beforehand.

“It’s about pride and honor,” said Quigg. “It’s absolutely massive.”

Frampton and Quigg then ended the show with a customary pre-fight prediction, and unsurprisingly they were both confident.

“I’m gonna win. I have the power to knock him out,” Frampton said. “I also have the boxing brain.”

Quigg made his prediction concise too. “I’m gonna win by knockout.”

Mutual respect was then evident, with both fighters shaking hands.

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