Shakur Stevenson Outclasses Alberto Guevara, Stops Him in 3

Stevenson defeats Guevara
Mikey Williams/Top Rank

Olympic silver medalist, Shakur Stevenson (12-0, 7 KOs) is not viewed as a young up-and-coming contender. Despite having just 12 fights under his belt, Stevenson is believed to be ready for a world championship.

Stevenson made his believers and hometown faithful proud as he stopped Alberto Guevara (27-5, 12 KOs).

The bout, which aired live on ESPN and marked Stevenson’s first pro bout in his hometown of Newark, New Jersey, was scheduled for 10 but only made it to Round 3 before the referee was forced to step in and stop the match.

In the weeks leading up to this contest, it seemed as though this night would not take place at all. Guevara represented the third opponent change for Stevenson. After such a dominant performance, it was easy to see why.

Stevenson, who is normally a counterpuncher that likes to patiently wait for his opponents to make a mistake, jumped all over Guevara from the opening bell. The aforementioned late replacement seemed content with sticking on the outside while trying not to engage.

It was a combination to the body that started the trouble for Guevara as he hit the canvas in the second round. He managed to beat the count, but Stevenson immediately moved in for the kill. A straight left hand did the job for Stevenson as his man once again hit the deck. He courageously got back up again and made it through the round.

A low blow followed by a combination made Guevara hit the canvas yet again in the third sequence. Fortunately for him, the referee ruled that it was not a knockdown because of the low blow, which preceded the damaging blows.

That brief break that was received by Guevara did nothing, as Guevara was dropped once more. He did beat the count, but the referee decided he had seen enough and stopped the contest.

It was a great performance by the young and talented Olympian, but even he admitted that he needs better competition.

“That was a great performance that I put on for the city of Newark,” said Stevenson after the bout. “Top Rank, y’all gotta get me better competition. I want the champions–Leo Santa Cruz and Oscar Valdez. That guy came in there and he didn’t want no smoke.”

There is no doubt that Stevenson is a special fighter. Let’s see just how good he truly is, and put him in the ring with the best that the division has to offer.

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