Shannon Briggs is APPsolutely Crazy

Shannon Briggs is APPsolutely Crazy

Shannon Briggs - Lets Go Champ

Former heavyweight champion of the world Shannon “The Cannon” Briggs is probably the most unpredictable boxer in the world right now. He has now entered the app business and has released a Lets Go Champ Alarm & Soundboard app along with his popular hit game Lets Go Champ on iOS and Android.

The soundboard allows you play all his catchy and hilarious catch phrases as well as many more. You can also assign a sound bite as your alarm clock and get woken up by the champ!

Since his comeback Shannon has created a cult following with his positive attitude and Let’s Go Champ chants. He posts videos daily on Instagram motivating and entertaining people. These apps are just another step to grow his ever expanding brand.

Shannon said, “I’m the most creative guy in boxing right now, no one is doing what I’m doing. I’m back, I’m in shape and I’m coming for Klitschko, Lets Go Champ!”

You can download these apps for free on the app stores #LETSGOCHAMP:



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