Sizing Up Carl Frampton vs. Scott Quigg

Carl Frampton - Matt Mackey
Photo by Matt Mackey

As a potential showdown between two of British boxing’s brightest stars becomes clearer in the distance, Chris Murray of Round by Round Boxing sizes up the mammoth clash between Super Bantamweight kingpins Carl Frampton and Scott Quigg.

The impending unification matchup is most definitely one of the most exciting prospects in British boxing today, but who would win the colossal shootout between the reigning IBF and WBA Super Bantamweight champions?

This highly anticipated bout has been gathering pace for quite some time now, with the mouth-watering clash bubbling under the surface since the two turned pro. Over the past three years though, the interest has manifested into an intriguing rivalry that has both the media and fans divided in whom they believe would come out victorious.

In Frampton, we have witnessed a heavy-handed fighter grow into an exceptional all-round boxer puncher, who feels just as comfortable on the back foot as he is on the front. Last time out, Frampton took on rugged hard man Kiko Martinez in a rematch of their thrilling encounter that saw the 27 year old knock the strong Spaniard out in nine rounds.

However, this time, Martinez was reinvigorated, returning to Belfast as the IBF champ and back with a vengeance.

In front of a packed Titanic Quarter, “The Jackal” would not be perturbed, controlling the fight from the outset, using strategic ring generalship along with superior movement to frustrate the aging champion. Frampton then strolled to victory providing a masterful display, finally realizing his dream of accomplishing boxing’s most coveted prize.

The win now sets in motion this captivating unification battle. However, does Scott Quigg have what it takes to disrupt the seemingly unrelenting Frampton?

Scott Quigg - Getty Images
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The humble Quigg is a product of the very successful Gallagher’s Gym, that has seen some of the biggest names in British boxing walk through the iconic gym doors at one time or another. Under the tutelage of Joe Gallagher, the 26 year old turned pro with very little amateur experience, but Gallagher sharpened his skills and technique to establish his student as a legitimate world class Super Bantamweight.

Even though Quigg was promoted from interim to full WBA regular champion without fighting anyone, he still deserves the recognition of a world champion. After building up a sizable undefeated record, the Bury native is not short on confidence and is renowned for his exceptional fitness. But Quigg is looking for the opportunity to prove to the critics that he belongs at the elite level, with Frampton only too eager to provide that test.

So in the end who would reign supreme in the “Battle of the Super Bantamweights?”

With many still undecided, my opinion has never changed as I strongly lean toward a Frampton win. The IBF champ’s sheer brute strength along with his ability to change his game plan mid fight will pay dividends, exposing the game Quigg via a late stoppage or points victory for the Jackal.

Unfortunately, Quigg has only fought mediocre opposition since he was installed as the WBA regular champion, therefore a clash with Frampton would be a dose of cold reality and end with only one result. Nevertheless, a Frampton vs. Quigg showdown would catapult British boxing into the spotlight and develop a genuine buzz around the sport we love.

The loser will still have the potential to come around again, but the winner would make himself comfortable between WBC champ Leo Santa Cruz along with the impregnable Guillermo Rigondeaux. That seat though has already been reserved for only one man, Carl “The Jackal” Frampton.

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