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On Saturday, February 18, 2017, Adrien Broner takes on Adrian Grandos live on Showtime from the Cintas Center at Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH.

With an outside-of-the-ring friendship being put to the side, it will be interesting to see if Broner can give his hometown fans something to cheer about, or if Granados will seize the moment and score the biggest win of his career.

Read on for Round By Round Boxing‘s staff predictions for Broner vs. Granados and let us know who you think will win.

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Adrien Broner
Adrian Granados


Liam Brady, Graphic Designer/Staff Writer

I am anticipating an Adrien Broner win, via decision. Though, Adrian Granados will make it arduous, and strenuous, so it may be a close decision. Nonetheless, I feel Broner has a greater shot selection, and though he has a leaky defence, sometimes, he has better refinement as a boxer.

I expect him to be eye-catching, with his uppercuts and attacks to the body, which may sway the judges’ thoughts as to who won the round.

Furthermore, the weight has been upped by five pounds, so I expect Broner will have more in the tank to go the distance, and sustain Granados’ assaults, than he would if he had cut to 142 (the original weight).

It will be hard, with the tenacity of Granados, but I am picking skill over will in this matchup.

Prediction: Broner


Amber Williams, Photographer

Prediction: Granados


Robert Contreras, Staff Writer

Adrian Granados is just the kind of man to upset Adrien Broner. He extended Felix Diaz the distance despite a huge disadvantage in speed and is coming off another upset in a TKO over Amir Imam.

His high output is same modus operandi of swarmers who have drowned Broner in the past, from Shawn Porter to the unheralded Vicente Escobedo.

But Broner is a pro and picking his rounds. He’ll establish an early lead and prance the championship rounds away for a decision win.

Prediction: Broner


Shelbi Keyes, Staff Writer

Saturday night at the Cintas Center in Cincinnati, Adrien Broner (32-2, 24 KOs) will be facing Adrian “Tigre” Granados (18-4-2, 12 KOs). Leading up to this fight there has been a lot of talk about how Broner has made a lot of changes and is a new man–more mature and focused.

While he talks as if he is a changed man, we will see if he shows it with actions this Saturday night. Granados is on a five-fight win streak and is a tough competitor to say the least. He is a tricky veteran with knockout power.

With that being said, if Broner stays composed, I believe his ring IQ will lead him to victory. Broner is a very smart fighter. “The Problem” does a great job of picking his opponents apart and if the opportunity presents itself, he has the power to finish them.

Broner is fighting in his backyard for the first time since 2015 and I don’t doubt he will put on a show for his hometown crowd. I see Granados coming on strong early on but in the later rounds leaving himself open to take too much punishment.

I have Broner via stoppage late in the fight.

Prediction: Broner


Brandon Glass, Staff Writer

In what has the appearance of a showcase fight for Adrien Broner, digging a little deeper reveals something else. An insightful article by Round By Round Boxing’s Leann Perez, reveals that Granados was a former sparring partner for the Cincinnati native in preparation for his title fight with Marcos Maidana.

I admit, I haven’t seen much of Granados, but his spectacular upset over talented prospect, Amir Imam, and his familiarity with Broner as a sparring partner makes the possibility of an upset more feasible.

Keep in mind that it will be six weeks short of a year from the last time Adrien Broner stepped in the ring. Since then, he’s had run-ins with the law and an Instagram post on Broner’s account  hinted at suicide a few months back.

Is he still dealing with those demons? How has this affected his preparation?

In the past we know that Broner has shown elite class potential when focused. If those mental distractions are behind him, and if he can avoid the pitfalls of such a long layoff; I see Broner getting a solid decision, or at best a mid-to-late round stoppage.

Prediction: Broner


Mike Burnell, Staff Writer

This fight may go down in boxing history only as “The Battle of the Adriens” not an epic pitched battle between two closely matched athletes.

Adrian Granados is a good fighter, please don’t misunderstand. The saying goes that there are levels to boxing and these two are simply on different ones as it relates to quality of opposition and pedigree.

That isn’t to say an upset can’t happen, just that its extremely unlikely in this particular matchup.

Look for Adrien Broner to be About Business and put on a clinic as he works to repair the damage done to his career.

He will most likely close the show in Round 7 and predictably after the fight… Again Bragging.

Prediction: Broner


Ty Paul, Staff Writer

I really liked Adrian Granados when this fight was first announced, but when Adrien Broner’s camp made the request of moving the fight from 142 pounds to 147, things got tricky.

Granados’ work rate could give Broner some real problems. It’s hard to forget what he did to Amir Imam.

One thing in Granados’ favor is he has kept busy, fighting six times since 2015, but in the end, I think the bigger man wins here.

I see Broner sticking out a close, maybe controversial decision in front of his home-state fans.

Prediction: Broner


Joseph Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Adrian Granados is a “game” fighter who comes to fight every time. If Adrien Broner doesn’t match Granados’ will or simply has an off night, he can easily go home with a loss.

Granados is not the most defensively sound fighter, in applying volume-punching and pressure, he often is open to many counter shots. Broner will capitalize on Granados’ defensive flaws.

Broner’s speed, power and sharp counters will carry him to a unanimous decision.

Prediction: Broner


Alex Burgos, Editor-in-Chief

This should be an entertaining scrap. For Adrian Granados to have a chance to win he’s going to have to bring the heat for the entire fight.

Some may say that the one major question mark here is that the fight has been bumped up to 147 pounds, but Granados has fought there more than once so I can’t see that being a huge factor.

Granados has got to do his best Marcos Maidana/Shawn Porter hybrid impersonation and pressure Broner.

Luckily for the underdog, coming forward with punches in bunches is something that he is good at–and something that Broner is not all that good at defending.

Granados has to make things ugly and uncomfortable–and as long as the referee doesn’t make things too easy for Broner, this could be the key to victory.

With tons of motivation and more importantly the style to score the upset victory, I’m going with Granados.

Prediction: Granados

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