Staff Predictions: Bernard Hopkins vs. Karo Murat, Peter Quillin vs. Gabriel Rosado & Deontay Wilder vs. Nicolai Firtha

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Peter Quillin vs. Gabriel Rosado

Gabe Rivas, Contributing Writer

Although Rosado does have a big chance, I have Kid Chocolate winning.

Prediction: Quillin


Rob Anthony, Contributing Writer

All of my colleagues are saying that this fight will be the fight to steal the show this weekend. I’m not convinced. It will be better than the main event, but that won’t take much. Rosado will be a nice name to add to the resume for Kid Chocolate as he builds his own name up in the 160 pound division. I’d rather see him eventually face Canelo Alvarez, Miguel Cotto, Sergio Martinez, or Gennady Golovkin. Hopefully with a win here we’re a step closer to one of those fights despite the political promotional hurdles that lay in the way. My diagnosis for this fight is UD in a fairly close, fairly interesting fight for Kid Chocolate.

Prediction: Quillin


Lenin Acevedo, Photographer

It’s finally here! I’ve been waiting for this matchup for a long time. It’s definitely a treat for me. These fighters are awesome fighters who are very exciting to watch. Quillin throws spine-chilling punches with bad intentions while Rosado’s brave heart is uplifting. In my opinion, it is difficult to predict the winner in this fight. I can actually see this fight going both ways. I could see Quillin getting an early knockout and I could also see Rosado carrying Quillin into the later rounds where Quillin usually fatigues. Rosado is without a doubt the underdog in this scenario. However, I’ve always felt like Quillin has been a bit protected and has really never fought a tough guy like Rosado. I think Rosado will pull off the upset in this fight. The King by decision.

Prediction: Rosado


Gabriel Polanco, Contributing Writer

This match, in my mind, is setup to steal the show! We have explosive WBO Middleweight champion Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin fighting the gritty Gabriel “King” Rosado. I do expect fireworks coming from these two as Quillin has displayed power in both hands to KO any opponent and enough technique to box when need be. Rosado’s previous fight with Gennady Golovkin showed he belongs in the ring with the best in his newly adopted division. Even with Rosado being as tough as nails, I have him continually worked to the body over the span of the fight, with the bout being stopped in Qullin’s favor somewhere around the 11th Round mark.

Prediction: Quillin


Brendan Montenegro, Contributing Writer

This is the fight that will steal the night. It is the fight that all the media has been talking about, and with the fireworks that happened between the two at the final press conference, it will be war. Quillin stated that he is always in Animal Status and trained for everything and Rosado stated “Animal Status… Animals obey men, so call me master. I’m going to show you how to sit and roll over.” This will be war! Could this be the new Gatti-Ward? Maybe, maybe not, but this will be close to it. Quillin throws bombs and Rosado can take them. Rosado has trained for a knockout, and has made that well known. In the end, we all know this fight is not going the distance, it is a question of what round will it end and who gets knocked out. I will be the unconventional one, I think fight will end in a draw.

Prediction: Draw


Juan Carlos Burgos, Contributing Writer

I will be looking forward to Peter Quillin vs. Gabriel Rosado the most. This fight has a chance to be really exciting and as we know, Rosado is rarely in a dull fight. I think he will need to make this fight a “smart” war to give himself the best chance to win. Don’t get me wrong, Quillin can crack, but it has to be at his own pace. If Rosado can pressure Quillin effectively he has a chance to pull off the upset. The problem for Rosado is that he is more of a 154 pounder and he has yet to notch a win at Middleweight. I don’t see his first win coming against the world class Kid Chocolate. Quillin is the natural Middleweight and overall the more sound fighter. It shouldn’t be a cake walk, but I like Quillin in this one.

Prediction: Quillin


Alex Burgos, Editor in Chief

Loved this fight as soon as it was made. The buildup to the fight has been exciting with both men willing to trade verbal jabs. As most have already said, I think this one steals the show—unless Wilder knocks his opponent into the third row. Although Quillin has been a wrecking ball as of late, scoring 10 knockdowns in his past two fights, I don’t think he’ll walk all over Rosado. I think Rosado is armed with enough power to give as good as he gets and that may surprise Quillin. I like Rosado’s heart, will and determination as well as the fact that he’s crafty as hell. If you don’t see the subtle movement and style that he’s picked up from Hopkins, then watch closer! I like Rosado in an upset via close decision.

Prediction: Rosado

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