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Gabriel Rosado
Willie Monroe


Liam Brady, Graphic Designer/Staff Writer

I am going for Willie Monroe via decision. His ability to box on the back foot, his fluidity when moving, as well as his speed will make it a hard night’s work for Gabriel Rosado. I see this fight being frustrating for the fans who like action, but his style will be able to nullify the aggression of his opponent and seal the win.

Rosado can box, but that would be a mistake against someone more refined, and as slick, as Monroe. This makes his best chances on the inside where he can be rough and land punches up close. However, this may not be possible if Monroe can tie him up on the inside, leading to the referee breaking the fighters apart.

As a consequence, I foresee the fight playing out in a way where Monroe lands his best shots on the outside, and then attempts to smother Rosado’s work when he tries to respond.

Though, I can see this being a close decision win for Monroe, due to the potential of Rosado’s aggression winning some rounds.

I do not think Monroe will be able to permanently keep his opponent at bay, thus leading to Rosado having momentary success and catching the attention of the judges ringside.

Prediction: Monroe


Amber Williams

Prediction: Monroe


Ismael Gallardo, Photographer

Prediction: Rosado


Milo Taibi, Staff Writer

On a pay-per-view card rife with mismatches (Canelo Alvarez, Diego De La Hoya, and Joseph Diaz are all at least 10-to-1 favorites on 5Dimes), Gabe Rosado and Willie Monroe’s bout will be a breath of fresh air.

Each fighter has been finished by Gennady Golovkin (no shame in that!), but Monroe should enter as the fresher fighter.

Now 30 years old, Rosado has been defeated four times (not including a NC with J’Leon Love) in his last seven fights.

“El Mongoose” should be provided with a tough test en route to higher profile bouts in the middleweight division.

Prediction: Monroe


CJ Halloran, Staff Writer
I have always been a fan of Gabe Rosado, but I have to admit in the phone meeting between the two fighters leading up to this fight, Rosado sounded not only classless, but kind of scared.

He kept taking verbal jabs at Willie Monroe and trying to get in his head, but to no avail. Monroe stayed calm and collected and said nothing but what needed to be said.

By not succumbing to Rosado’s mind game, I feel Monroe already has a bit of an advantage over Rosado. He successfully frustrated Rosado and may have even intimidated him.

In terms of skill and style in the ring however, Rosado has a far better resume. Not only that, Gabe Rosado has a very Rocky-esque fighting style, which the fans love.

In order for Monroe to win this fight, he will have to stay on his feet and frustrate Rosado with counters and quick flurries instead of sitting and brawling. To predict however, this is a toss up fight. I give it to Willie Monroe Jr. by decision.

Prediction: Monroe


Jack O’Connell, Staff Writer

Truly, the only fight I really care about on this entire card is this one. Two evenly matched fighters looking to impress.

You gotta love Gabriel Rosado. I don’t think there has ever been a fight he has turned down. He took the hard route to get here, earning his licks and taking some beatings. But what hGe’s been able to accomplish is impressive to say the least.

Willie Monroe Jr. is probably a lot more skilled than we think, we just haven’t seen the best of him come out. Winning Boxcino and dominating Brian Vera showed his potential. Then Gennady Golovkin pulverized him. He came back to outbox John Thompson, but he did it with no style.

Monroe should look to impress against Rosado, outboxing the brave Philadelphia fighter, while busting him up in the process too. Gabe will pressure and steal some rounds, but it’s going to be Monroe’a night.

Prediction: Monroe


Brandon Glass, Staff Writer

Not the most attractive fight, but when the division is being dominated by a guy who beat them both, they might as well fight each other. Right?

Gabe Rosado’s a big time journeyman at this point in his career. His resume is built mostly on the “named” fighters he lost to.

Willie Monroe is still a promising prospect, as the most recent loss on his record comes from the king of the division, Gennady Golovkin. No shame in that.

Long story short: while Rosado is tough as nails and has decent skills and a solid punch, Monroe’s skill sets are the type to frustrate an aggressive fighter like Rosado.

Monroe is the more tactical and faster fighter, which leads me to believe that unless Rosado can land something meaningful, he’s going to be thoroughly out boxed to a unanimous decision.

Prediction: Monroe


Alex Burgos, Editor-in-Chief

Gabriel Rosado has been doing his best “Ferocious” Fernando Vargas impression in the build up to this fight, which is something I don’t mind. Hype is a necessary element in boxing, and a prime Vargas was excellent at keeping people intrigued.

Vargas is now working Rosado’s corner, and no knock against Vargas (he was my favorite fighter back when he laced them up), but the last thing Rosado needs is a “warrior’s mentality” type guy in his corner.

Rosado has boxing skills, but he has showed too many times that he is willing to dumb it down in the ring and show off his heart–something fans love him for, but is not good for his longevity as a boxer.

Willie Monroe is also a tough guy, but he knows what his strengths are. He’s got the balls to stand in the pocket, but his strength is slick boxing. I expect Monroe to pick Rosado apart, winning a one-sided decision.

Prediction: Monroe

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