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Staff Predictions | Canelo Alvarez vs. Liam Smith

Canelo Alvarez
Liam Smith


Liam Brady, Graphic Designer/Staff Writer

I see Canelo Alvarez winning this by decision. Canelo’s ability to box, as well as fight, makes him highly versatile. He possesses great counterpunching skills, speed, and punch variety. As a consequence, he is far more refined as a fighter than Liam Smith, who is a tough pressure fighter with great body punches, but is arguably limited and cannot adapt.

I believe Smith’s high guard and lack of defensive ability will be exploited by Canelo, in the form of uppercuts breaching underneath the guard of Smith (think Alfredo Angulo), and body shots being thrown when openings are visible from the arms being raised.

I feel, as we have seen before, Canelo will counterpunch, and then pull back to evade his opponent’s retaliation punches. Though, to appease the fans in Dallas, Canelo may conform to Smith’s pressuring style by welcoming shots and trading, in some parts of the fight.

All of this will culminate into a comprehensive, decision victory over Smith. I see Canelo really outclassing his foe, though where fighters have not seen the 12th round, I see Smith’s toughness and resilience carrying him through to the final bell.

Prediction: Canelo


Amber Williams, Photographer

Prediction: Canelo


Ismael Gallardo, Photographer

Prediction: Canelo


Milo Taibi, Staff Writer

Canelo Alvarez should have little problem claiming Liam Smith’s WBO Light Middleweight title.

“Beefy” hasn’t faced nearly the quality of opposition as Alvarez. As has been the case for more than a year, the questions surrounding Canelo and Golden Boy Promotions revolve around a potential matchup with Gennady Golovkin.

Despite brash claims to the contrary, Canelo’s team has opted for overmatched competition in each of his last two bouts. What’s more, Alvarez is in discussions to compete again in December.

If this fight materializes, the quick turnaround will likely ensure another outmatched opponent. If and when Alvarez finishes Liam Smith, the onus will be on Canelo’s brain-trust to book a more competitive fight.

Prediction: Canelo


CJ Halloran, Staff Writer

Here it is. The fight we’ve all been waiting for. The hardest cherry pick by Canelo Alvarez yet. Liam Smith is the definition of a British boxer from what I’ve seen of him. Hands up, head straight, and keeping it all inside on his opponents as he fires off hard shots to both the body and the head.

I don’t see Smith following quite the same strategy as usual however, I see him looking to exploit Canelo’s weaknesses and outlast him as the fight wears on. If this strategy works, I believe Smith has the fight in his grasp.

The only issue is that Canelo has faced fighters like him before and come out on top, and I can’t see much changing for this fight. Not to mention Canelo is the naturally larger fighter.

So I’ll have to give this fight to Canelo by late stoppage.

Prediction: Canelo


Jack O’Connell, Staff Writer

Do I really have to explain why Canelo Alvarez is going to win?

Canelo Smith brings nothing to this fight besides a belt. There’s not even a X-factor that makes this fight slightly interesting. James Kirkland was a beast and Amir Khan was blazingly fast.

Smith is vanilla. He’s a solid boxer puncher, but just solid.

I give it until the eighth. I just want this whole mess to be over with so we can move onto (hopefully) bigger things. Canelo by TKO.

Prediction: Canelo


Brandon Glass, Staff Writer

Meh… so this is what Oscar De La Hoya meant in that letter to Floyd Mayweather Jr. about making way for “the brave, the boxers who want nothing more than to face the best and therefore be the best”?


I don’t mean to slight Liam Smith. (Also, there’s no way as a grown man, I can call another grown man “Beefy”).

He’s an undefeated world titlist, but considering he’s never fought outside the UK and he lacks notable opponents on his resume, that means there’s a steep learning curve for him in terms of “world” experience.

But, apparently we’re idiots to GBP, because on paper the matchup is defensible… I guess.

Smith has been on a eight fight KO streak coming in and as previously stated; Smith is undefeated with a legit world title.

That’s a decent tune-up fight if Canelo really plans on fighting GGG in his next outing.

Honestly, I believe most people are likely looking past this fight. It’s nothing more than a large scale showcase fight, in which Canelo should win, most likely by KO.

But at least he’s taking Mexican independence day back. Right?

Prediction: Canelo


Alex Burgos, Editor-in-Chief

We’ve gotten Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez in back-to-back weeks. Now if we can only get them in the ring on the same night.

I don’t understand this move for Canelo Alvarez. If you’re going to actually fight a Middleweight juggernaut like Golovkin in 2017, you better get your ass in the ring with some bigger boys.

Amir Khan and Liam Smith don’t cut it. This is another showcase for Canelo as he’ll stop the underwhelming champion in the mid-to-late rounds.

Wake me up when the “best vs. best” fad comes back.

Prediction: Canelo

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