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Daniel Jacobs
Peter Quillin

Jacobs vs. Quillin Marilyn Paulino RBRBoxing (23)
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Lou Catalano, Senior Writer

Daniel Jacobs is a good dude with a great backstory, so that makes him a perfect fit for the hyperbolic utopia that is PBC.

Peter Quillin is still trying to do something notable as a Middleweight. He frequently looks outstanding, and then shaky, and then bored, often within the same fight. He calls out guys he has no chance of fighting. But, he is undefeated, and he’s often entertaining.

Quillin fought Andy Lee to a draw, but many observers thought he probably should have gotten the nod. Here, he gets a guy who just went to hell and back with Sergio Mora, who is essentially Paulie Malignaggi without all the hair treatment.

Quillin can punch, and Jacobs doesn’t have the best beard in the world. That equation usually ends one way. Quillin by KO.

Prediction: Quillin


Marilyn Paulino, Photographer

Prediction: Quillin


Paul Johnson, Staff Writer

I’m not convinced that either guy is that good, and this is clearly a fight for the bottom end of the Middleweight podium, but nonetheless it seems close to 50/50 and that gives us something to be excited about.

I think it’ll be a cagey affair that will see Peter Quillin drop Daniel Jacobs once or twice early on, before Jacobs edges the fight out down the stretch.

Prediction: Jacobs


Sarah Gruber, Staff Writer

I simply cannot wait for this fight! The battle for Brooklyn could possibly be the fight of the year. I think on Saturday night we will see two for very well-prepared boxers ready to go to war.

I find it very hard to select a winner for this fight. Daniel Jacobs is more of the technical Boxer and he could use his finesse to out box a brawler like Peter Qullin. The power of Qullin’s punches are heavy and Jacobs was knocked down in this last fight by Sergio Mora.

Jacobs does not have the chin to stand in front of Qullin for long. To be effective Jacobs should look to keep range and distance to avoid Qullin’s power. Jacobs would be silly to trade close punches with someone like Qullin and his knockout power.

I have to go with Jacobs only because I feel like he can out box Qullin and throw more punches into later rounds. With that being said, I take nothing away from Qullin; as his power could rock Jacobs at any point.

I think we will also see an improved technician in Qullin as well, but his best bet it to pressure Jacobs, walk him down and make Jacobs feel his power from early on. I think Jacobs can still stick to his gameplan to out box Qullin, he will land more jabs to disrupt him and keep Qullin out of range. Jacobs by decision.

Prediction: Jacobs


Ardy Ajoste, Graphic Designer

I’m going with Peter Quillin. I think the rumors are true: he hits just as hard as GGG.

Daniel Jacobs, in my eyes, is the more polished fighter, but I think Quillin’s power is going to get him a knockdown or two and get him a close decision.

Prediction: Quillin


Brandon Glass, Staff Writer

Ultimately I believe this fight to be a toss-up, but if I have to choose a winner, I say Daniel Jacobs. Despite Peter Quillin being Jacobs’ most challenging opponent to date (inside the ring); I just happen to believe that Jacobs is the more complete fighter of the two.

They both have decent punching power and both have also displayed vulnerability, so the edge Jacobs has in skill is only a slight one. I do think Quillin is the stronger of the two, which still makes him dangerous.

However, issues with weight and Jacobs’ resilience make this a uphill battle for Quillin. Jacobs gets a hard fought decision, but I wouldn’t be surprised if either guy won by KO.

Prediction: Jacobs


Alex Burgos, Editor-in-Chief

Both men have been criticized immensely for fighting sub-par competition. Daniel Jacobs has been given more leeway because of his awesome backstory, while death has been wished upon Peter Quillin for fighting the Michael Zerafa’s of the world.

Jacobs doesn’t impress me all that much and getting dropped by Sergio Mora in his last fight doesn’t bode well for his chances to survive an onslaught from “Kid Chocolate.”

Technique wise I like Jacobs, but I don’t think he’s good enough to box Quillin’s socks off for 12 rounds. I think Quillin may have some trouble early, but eventually he will close the distance and find a home for his power shots. Jacobs will go night night.

Prediction: Quillin

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