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Staff Predictions | Danny Garcia vs. Shawn Porter

Saturday night, live from the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, New York, two of the top Welterweights come face to face as Danny “Swift” Garcia takes on the relentless Shawn “Showtime” Porter.

The pair will fight for the vacant WBC title in what many speculate to be a true 50/50 matchup.

Garcia’s slick movement, compounded with his proven power, will face Porter’s relentless pressure and endurance to see who’s style will be triumphant.

The fight card also includes Welterweight contender Yordenis Ugas taking on Cesar Miguel Barrionuevo and a Heavyweight clash between Adam Kownacki and Charles Martin.

The fights will be televised on Showtime and the telecast is set to begin at 9:00 pm ET. Read on to see what the RBR Staff thinks about this great bout and let us know how you think the fight plays out.

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Danny Garcia
Shawn Porter

Andrew Kang, Contributing Writer

I am excited about this fight! Are either Danny Garcia and Shawn Porter ever in a bad one? I am expecting plenty of action from these two warriors and see this fight being a virtual toss-up.

In a closely contested match, I like Porter’s ever so slight edge in hand speed and more voluminous punch rate being the difference in the fight.

Prediction: Porter


R.L. Woodson, Staff Writer

The crux of this fight is the performances of Danny Garcia and Shawn Porter in their bouts against mutual opponent Keith Thurman.

The Porter team sought out trainer Barry Hunter for additional counsel. Team Porter hosted former three-division champion Shane Mosley for some sparring, and footage surfaced of Mosley imitating some version of Danny Garcia. This moment feels like it’s bigger for Team Porter. A third loss at the world-class level would be detrimental to the next few moves for Porter.

The Garcia camp, well, it looked like business as usual. And therein lies the problem in finding multiple ways for Garcia to win the fight. When is Garcia going to change up the pace at which he fights?

Garcia is the heavier puncher. He may also edge Porter in the chin category. The rest of the major categories are in favor of Porter, with speed probably being the one area that’s the least close. Look for Porter to bully his way inside from the first bell.

Once he sees how Garcia handles that pressure he’ll probably look to box in stints, he’ll mix in some feints, and then he’ll resume the pressure working his way back into the pocket behind his jab. Garcia’s power won’t be the major development over the first half of the fight as he won’t have long looks where he can get his base together to unload his power effectively.

Garcia wants to operate in the center of the ring, while Porter’s objective will be to use all of the geography of the ring, but he’ll look to excel in the corners and along the ropes. If Garcia weathers the storm earlier, in the mid and later rounds he should be able to get extended periods of time center-ring.

Porter’s movement, with variances in his pace and entry into the pocket, will allow him to minimize the damage he sustains from Garcia’s powerful counter-punching. Garcia will fail to close in on Porter when he needs to come forward and secure rounds late by being busier. Neither man makes the mistakes needed for a stoppage, so Porter gets the victory via split decision.

Prediction: Porter


Robert Contreras, Staff Writer 

Both world-ranked Welterweights are sure to meet in the center of the ring. Shawn Porter is a bruiser who doesn’t give his opponent an inch and Danny Garcia possesses tremendous flurries on the inside.

Porter’s in-your-face style has been a great equalizer in boxing for a long time now. But Garcia, despite deserved criticism over the years, has the skills to pay the bills.

The Philly fighter will adapt throughout the contest, attacking from angles, taking advantage of his man’s one-dimensional gameplan at times, succumbing to it here and there, but Garcia does enough to for those judges, who have a tendency to be a little too friendly to him.

Prediction: Garcia


Michael Burnell, Staff Writer

The clash between Danny “Swift” Garcia and “Showtime” Shawn Porter this Saturday evening promises to be a competitive scrap at the least with potential for a barnburner.

Both fighters are among the elite in an already stacked 147-pound division and the winner of this fight climbs a rung and secures the WBC strap around their waist.

It is an interesting matchup stylistically with the heavy-handed Garcia patiently trying to time sweeping hooks on a swarming Porter who will attempt to bully his opponent around the ring and pile up points while setting a blistering pace. This is about as “pick ‘em” as a fight can get which makes it must-see TV.

The early rounds will go to Porter through sheer aggression. He will land some good shots on a more cautious Garcia who returns the favor in the form of sharp counterpunches.

The momentum will shift over the next several rounds as the slower pace favors Garcia who will be starting to land with more regularity and may even shake Porter up. In the final rounds, Porter will find his next gear, pressuring Garcia and forcing him into exchanges that he would otherwise avoid.

After the scores are announced Shawn Porter will emerge the victor by a narrow majority decision.

Prediction: Porter


Amber Williams, Photographer

Prediction: Porter


Joshua Diaz, Staff Writer

Danny Garcia vs Shawn Porter is the definition of a 50/50 fight. It can go either way, any outcome is possible, decision or KO.

Porter’s rough and bully style of fighting gets him into trouble in this fight.

I see him smothering his own punches, and squaring up his feet leaving himself vulnerable. Garcia stops Porter via KO or TKO!

Prediction: Garcia


Peter Nieves, Senior Writer

I agree with everyone in thinking this is a 50/50 fight. Both fighters have tools in their arsenal to make them successful in this clash but I do see Danny Garcia coming out with the W.

Shawn Porter is no picnic to fight and everyone knows this but I think his relentless, coming at you style he has, is a detriment to him at times.

We know Porter can make things uncomfortable for just about anyone but Garcia has seen just about everything in the ring.

Now, I’m not saying Garcia is the end all be all at Welterweight and honestly I fell he’s been gifted a few wins, but I think he has enough power and slick movements to neutralize Porter’s constant pressure and secure a split decision victory.

Prediction: Garcia


Alex Burgos, Editor-in-Chief

Who will force the other man to fight their fight? Shawn Porter will surely look to bully Danny Garcia and wrestle/clobber the Philly fighter on the inside.

Garcia on the other hand will look to maintain a bit more space and try to catch Porter with shots as be plows his way forward. I think Garcia is more refined and has better skills than he gets credit for and that will likely be the difference.

Garcia can take a punch and if he has success keeping Porter on the outside, I wouldn’t be surprised if Porter tries to force something in the mid-to-late rounds and gets caught with a fight-ending blow.

Either way, decision or stoppage, I’m going with Garcia who usually gets the

Prediction: Garcia


Photos by Amanda Westcott/Showtime

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