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Staff Predictions | Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor

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On Saturday, August 26, 2017, the fight that many thought would happen will go down.

The Money Fight” featuring Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor is scheduled for 12 rounds and will be aired live on Showtime Pay-Per-View.

Read on for Round By Round Boxing‘s staff predictions for Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor and let us know who you think will win.

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Floyd Mayweather
Conor McGregor

Liam Brady, Graphic Designer/Staff Writer

Putting the blind loyalty of (some) Conor McGregor followers to one side, and the pervasive rhetoric that comes with the build-up of his fights, the rational opinion has got to be that Floyd Mayweather wins this Saturday.

Yes, McGregor may utilize “unpredictable” movement, but you still have to be within range to throw, and land, a shot–regardless of whether you flamboyantly approach the opponent with unorthodox movement. And when you are in range, you will most likely taste the right hand of Mayweather.

Furthermore, based on his fights against Nate Diaz, in the UFC, McGregor’s energy levels seem to deplete after 15 or so minutes. That is the fifth round in boxing, and McGregor will have to endure seven more rounds, if he manages to hear the final bell.

As for the complexion of the fight, I believe that we will see a customary Mayweather performance. Floyd will counter McGregor heavily throughout the fight, in conjunction with jabbing the body in order to make him fatigue quicker.

However, as opposed to sailing towards a decision victory, I can see Mayweather stopping McGregor late, once he has softened him up with counters and body shots. Floyd won’t achieve a one-punch knockout, but more so a stoppage via unanswered punches, as I believe McGregor will fade after the sixth round.

I think Mayweather will aim to make a statement, and will try his absolute best to prevent McGregor from going the distance–which is one way the fight can be deemed a success for McGregor, if he goes the distance with the best boxer of this generation.

It is still an interesting fight, nonetheless, but more from a marketing perspective. I think we all expect the outcome, but I am still very excited about the build-up, as well as what happens in the ring–in terms of whether Conor McGregor can make it slightly interesting for Floyd.

WINNER: Conor McGre…. I joke. He’s won the lottery, though.

Prediction: Mayweather


Andrew Kang, Staff Writer

Kudos to Conor McGregor for all the media build-up and interest for an exhibition between a 40 year old boxer (albeit great one) and an equally flamboyant non-boxer.

But, win-lose-or draw, it is still an exhibition match in the style of Muhammad Ali vs. Antonio Inoki and nothing more.

Prediction: Mayweather


Brandon Glass, Staff Writer

In the words of the great American poet Shawn C. Carter: “y’all only get half a bar”: Floyd Mayweather in Round 6.

Prediction: Mayweather


R.L. Woodson, Staff Writer

Unconventional fight, unconventional prediction. A Teddy Atlas analogy gone completely awry.

In the mid-90s when Tom Berenger was Tinsel Town’s greatest action star from Chicago, he led a group of mercenaries in removing a corrupt drug-dealing principal from a high school in The Substitute.

Berenger got himself in a jam with the principal (The Ghostbusters’ Ernie Hudson) and some of his thugs, and one of his mercs who abandoned the team earlier, unexpectedly showed up to rescue him.

Once freed, at gunpoint the merc instructs Berenger to shoot a fair one with the thug who was just working him over. However, just as the fight starts, Berenger’s fellow soldier of fortune fires a shot in Berenger’s direction, explaining that he meant a ‘straight up’ fight–no martial arts were to be used.

In Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor, neither Dana White nor referee Robert Byrd can instruct Mayweather to not use his vaunted boxing skills, and a controversial 12 rounds of sparring with former world champ Paulie Malignnagi can’t begin to get McGregor ready to box an extended amount of time with the undefeated, masterful 40-year old, five-division world champion.

Who can predict how this matchup will actually look once they touch ’em up after Byrd’s final instructions? Floyd gradually makes McGregor pay costly roaming charges for everything he doesn’t know how to do in a boxing ring, and once the Irishman slows down and grows frustrated near Rounds 3 or 4, Floyd will start to become increasingly offensive-minded.

Floyd uses whatever version is left of his world renowned set of offensive weapons, to punish a determined McGregor for three to four rounds, before Byrd advises McGregor’s team of non-boxing corner men that the fight is over.

The ringside doctor and Byrd chop it up after Round 8, and thousands of disappointed combat sports fans never see a ninth round of action.

Similar to the outcome of The Substitute (don’t be misled by its 41 percent on Rotten Tomatoes), the more highly trained group of mercenaries with the better weaponry for warfare, or boxing, demolishes the group of money chasing thugs who’ve been terrorizing the high school full of teens who aren’t built the same.

Prediction: Mayweather


Mike Burnell, Staff Writer

Somebody’s 0 must go…Will it be Floyd Mayweather’s 49-0 mark or Conor McGregor’s unblemished 0-0 professional boxing record?

The hype-machine build up to this match is at unprecedented level, even if the fight itself is not. It seems unthinkable that McGregor can upset the applecart, but even more unthinkable are the shockwaves if he does the impossible. To consider it the greatest upset in sports history would not be an overstatement.

All of the talk and smoke and mirrors end as Round 1 opens and the combatants meet in ring center.

It’s easy to envision McGregor advancing in a martial arts stance and Mayweather with his left hand low, poised for the shoulder roll and counter right on lock.

Expect an interesting first few rounds due as much to McGregor’s versatility in various martial arts as Mayweather’s caution toward getting caught with an unorthodox shot from an unpredictable angle.

Mayweather will seize countering opportunities on the frequent occasions that the Irishman will provide to him with stance, balance and aggression.

McGregor will have some moments but nothing that will put “Money” Mayweather in any serious danger of defeat.
The experience of the self-proclaimed TBE will begin to pay dividends in Round 4 or Round 5 as he starts timing a slowly tiring McGregor.

From Round 7 on Mayweather will have it almost entirely his way and toys with the proud MMA champion.

Expect the referee to save a bruised, battered, bleeding McGregor in Round 10.

Prediction: Mayweather


Ty Paul, Staff Writer
I’ll be watching the HBO card and College Football. Maybe catching up on the new episode of “Room 104” on the DVR.

Anyway, Floyd Mayweather stops Conor McGregor somewhat late. It is what it is.

Prediction: Mayweather


Amber Williams, Photographer

Prediction: Mayweather


Vince Minnick, Staff Writer

Floyd Mayweather will simply outbox the Irishman Saturday night. His overall boxing expertise is just too much for Conor McGregor to handle.

If Conor cannot land anything significant in the first four rounds it could get ugly.

After Floyd downloads his opponents fighting style, it’s a wrap. I do not expect Floyd to push the pace, or move forward. I expect him to fight slow and careful.

Conor will also fight calculated but more aggressive. He’ll still look to counter punch, and if he lands a straight left hand Floyd is going to sleep. However that punch won’t land cleanly. He’s in over his head on this one. Floyd TKO round 10

Prediction: Mayweather


Alex Burgos, Editor-in-Chief

To quote Conor McGregor, He Is Fooked. But, I’m not talking about Floyd Mayweather, it’s “Notorious” who is in trouble.

If Mayweather has any slight interest in making good on his word, he’ll finish McGregor around six or seven after the UFC star gets gassed.

Either way, Mayweather moves to 50-0 and prances off into a movie-style sunset.

Prediction: Mayweather

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