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Staff Predictions | Keith Thurman vs. Danny Garcia

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All photos by Amanda Westcott/Showtime

On Saturday, March 4, 2017, Danny Garcia and Keith Thurman will battle in 12-round Welterweight world title showdown.

The title unification bout, which is being contested for Garcia’s WBC strap and Thurman’s WBA belt, will headline a Showtime Championship Boxing event on CBS, presented by Premier Boxing Champions.

The co-main features undefeated rising star Erickson Lubin as he takes on once-beaten knockout artist Jorge Cota in a Super Welterweight title eliminator bout.

All the action will take place at Barclays Center, the home of Brooklyn Boxing, on CBS at 9:00 pm, EST.

Read on for Round By Round Boxing‘s staff predictions for Lubin vs. Cota and Thurman vs. Garcia and let us know who you think will win.

Round By Round Boxing Staff Predictions - 2019

NameWinLossTotal FightsWin Percentage
Alan Garcia1120.5
Alex Burgos6280.75
Amber Williams5270.71428571428571
Andrew Kang4150.8
Brandon Glass2130.66666666666667
Brianna Rodriguez000!ERROR! division by zero
CJ Halloran3141.5
Eric Ramos1120.5
Hans Themistode2130.66666666666667
Joseph Hammond1120.5
Joseph Rodriguez4044
Joshua Diaz5160.83333333333333
Julio Sanchez1120.5
Michael Burnell5051
Peter Nieves000!ERROR! division by zero
Porfirio Barron Jr.000!ERROR! division by zero
R.L. Woodson8081
Robert Contreras2021

Erickson Lubin
Jorge Cota

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Chris Nicastro, Staff Writer

Erickson Lubin’s matchmakers know what they’re doing, and they’re working their way into turning this kid into a star. Lubin by knockout for sure.

Prediction: Lubin


Amber Williams, Photographer

Prediction: Lubin


CJ Halloran, Staff Writer

Jorge Cota seems like he’s got skills, but Erickson Lubin’s a superstar in the making.

Not much to say about it, but I got Lubin by seventh round TKO.

Prediction: Lubin


Mike Burnell, Staff Writer

In another good fight slated for Saturday, March 4, Erickson “The Hammer” Lubin (17-0, 12 KOs) meets the rugged Mexican, Jorge “Demonio” Cota (25-1, 22 KOs) in a WBC Junior Middleweight title eliminator.

Lubin, a 21-year-old southpaw from Orlando, Florida, has shown excellent discipline and poise through his young career. While he hasn’t had too many anxious moments, he has kept his composure very well, especially when facing strong veteran fighters.

Cota has been defeated only once, a stoppage loss against Marco Antonio Rubio and also owns a victory over Yori Boy Campas. The remainder of his resume however leaves something to be desired.

Cota will come out seeking to take control from the beginning and will find it easier considered than accomplished. Lubin will remain calm, take over and not lose much momentum for the rest of the fight which will go to the cards and The Hammer will be announced the winner by clear, unanimous decision.

Prediction: Lubin


Joseph Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Erickson Lubin’s power and skill cannot be matched by Jorge Cota.

Lubin will walk down Cota and land at will en route to a fifth-round TKO victory.

Prediction: Lubin


Sarah Gruber, Staff Writer

Erickson Lubin has power in both hands, a long reach and variety attack from the body to the head.

I find it hard to see him not winning this fight as he seems like he is really determined and focused to use this national stage to make a larger name for himself.

Prediction: Lubin


Brandon Glass, Staff Writer

Big step up in competition for Erickson Lubin as he takes on the hard-punching contender Jorge Cota in a title eliminator.

This marks only the second time the lesser-known Cota has fought outside of Mexico, with his last fight being the first. Lubin is an aggressive, top-notch prospect with solid power and I expect him to jump on Cota from the first bell.

This will be Lubin’s toughest test to date, but I think he has plans of winning a title and I doubt Cota will interrupt those plans.

Prediction: Lubin


Ty Paul, Staff Writer

Erickson Lubin will look to make a statement one week after Jarrett Hurd did in the 154-pound division. Now with Hurd being the new IBF champion of the world, Lubin looks to get his shot at WBC champ Jermell Charlo with a win over Mexico’s Jorge Cota.

Lubin, a rangy southpaw from Orlando, is one who uses his reach and really gets legs and body behind his punches.

He’s the better boxer and puncher in this fight and will show it on Saturday night. Erickson Lubin has the goods.

Prediction: Lubin


Alex Burgos, Editor-in-Chief

If there is anything I’ve learned over the years, it’s don’t underestimate a guy backed by Sampson Lewkowicz. Cota is backed by Lewkowicz who is the talent gawd that brought us Manny Pacquiao and Sergio Martinez.

We know Jorge Cota is no slouch and has tons in the huevos department (just watch his fight against Yudel Jhonson), but his technique leaves a lot to be desired.

While his awkwardness may bother Lubin early on, I think Lubin’s speed and power will carry him to victory, probably by mid-rounds stoppage.

Not underestimating Cota, but Erickson Lubin is the goods.

Prediction: Lubin

Keith Thurman
Danny Garcia

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Chris Nicastro, Staff Writer

Oh boy. Two guys that I always bet against and so far have always come out with the W. My gut says Danny Garcia, but my brain says Keith Thurman.

I think Garcia’s fought down to the level of bums so often lately that he’s become one. Thurman’s level of opposition has been higher in recent years, though the fights have been few and far between.

Let’s say Thurman in a close one that maybe sees him on the ground from one of Garcia’s bombs away no look hooks.

Prediction: Thurman


Liam Brady, Graphic Designer/Staff Writer

For this fight, I am confidently choosing Keith Thurman by decision. I believe his footwork, speed, punch variety and angles will frustrate Danny Garcia throughout the fight.

Furthermore, I feel Garcia will end up missing a lot of his shots, and thus chase shadows, due to Thurman’s dynamism. Garcia is tough, so I do not see Thurman’s dominance leading to a stoppage, but I do a see a very comprehensive points win.

A fantastic fight, though, and about time we saw it.

Prediction: Thurman


Amber Williams, Photographer

Prediction: Thurman


CJ Halloran, Staff Writer

I’m going Keith “One Time” Thurman all the way in this one.

Since moving up in weight, Danny Garcia’s signature left hook hasn’t proven itself against anyone with a good jaw and after seeing Thurman vs. Shawn Porter, Thurman definitely has the jaw to withstand that hook.

Prediction: Thurman


Mike Burnell, Staff Writer

We are finally only days away from the much awaited unification clash between two undefeated Welterweight champions. The WBA boss Keith “One Time” Thurman (27-0, 22 KOs) faces off this Saturday with WBC kingpin Danny “Swift” Garcia (33-0, 19 KOs).

There is much at stake for both fighters. Thurman is trying to establish himself as the man to beat at 147 and should he emerge victorious has a number of very attractive opponents from which to choose.

While Garcia would also like to be the number one welterweight he has further incentive. He has been roundly criticized for some of his opposition and not without cause in some cases.

Though he has clearly passed some very sturdy tests to put himself in the position for this fight a victory over “One Time” would silence many of his critics.

The fighters are very evenly matched in height, age, reach weight and experience. This fight will simply be about styles and who can impose their will more consistently on the other.

Expect a close battle with both fighters having their moments and at times thrilling the crowd at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY where they love a good scrap.

In the end the winner by majority decision will be Clearwater native Keith “One Time” Thurman with a knockdown in his favor making it clear to two of three of the judges.

Prediction: Thurman


Joseph Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Keith Thurman will break down Danny Garcia with his faster hands, counter shots and movement.

As Garcia opens up more, Thurman will land with power that Garcia has yet to taste, which will ultimately lead to a TKO stoppage.

Prediction: Thurman


Milo Taibi, Staff Writer

I’m going with Danny Garcia by decision, with the caveat that a Keith Thurman victory wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.

“One Time” is currently listed as a 2-1 favorite on most books, which seems lofty considering how close his bout with Shawn Porter was.

Prediction: Garcia


Alan Garcia, Staff Writer

In a long and anticipated match, we finally get to see Danny Garcia square off against Keith Thurman this Saturday night. This fight is great because both men are undefeated and they are both champions looking to unify their division.

Although this fight took everyone by surprise, we’re glad it did because we’re now going to get to see whether Garcia finally gets his just-deserts, or he proves most of us wrong, yet again, by winning convincingly against Thurman.

In my opinion, I have Thurman winning the fight. Although we have seen fighters like Lamont Peterson and Mauricio Herrera outbox Garcia, it seems that Thurman is going to have to knock Garcia out in order to secure a victory. Otherwise, Garcia may pull off yet another gift decision victory.

If Garcia has a chance at winning, he’s going to have to attack the body early in the fight and finish off with his signature left hook upstairs in the late rounds. Thurman has been exposed before by showing he gets hurt to the body.

The difference between both men is that Thurman (despite being hurt in his previous fights), has been growing the callus he needs to be a great fighter in the future. Opposed to Garcia, being protected with easy fights and gift decision wins his whole career, will be harder for him to take a punch from s solid Welterweight.

For that reason, Thurman has the advantage of taking a punch well and giving a more effective one.

Thurman even has a chance at scoring a TKO in the later rounds, between seven and nine. He might drop Garcia, or vise versa, but Thurman will eventually do more to beat Garcia in the end. I just hope that this fight is a clean fight and there are no dirty business or crooked judgements at the conclusion of this fight.

Prediction: Thurman


Andrew Kang, Staff Writer

I am excited to see this fight finally happen. Both fighters continue to step up in class and they will be fighting the best opponent, in each other, so far.

And it is about time we see these titles unified in the Welterweight division. It should be an action-packed bout with Keith Thurman’s superior strength, work rate and versatility being the difference in the fight.

I like Thurman by a competitive, but uncontested, unanimous-decision win over Danny Garcia.

Prediction: Thurman


Ty Paul, Staff Writer

I think this one is going the distance and will provide entertainment the boxing community has been waiting for.

The build up has been good as expected, with a unification title fight in one of boxing’s most glamorous divisions. Put it on network TV and it’s hard not to get excited.

Keith Thurman wins this one by out boxing the boxer. I think Thurman will find his jab working early and put pressure on Danny Garcia.

Garcia mentioned in the final press conference he’s not going to get raddled and will stick to his game plan by boxing. But I think he does get rattled early on.

Thurman has the edge with his power, but Garcia has the better chin. I think Thurman outlasts Garcia in a very tactical fight.

Prediction: Thurman


Sarah Gruber, Staff Writer

I think this will be a great fight, but ultimately I think Keith Thurman’s pace and power will be too much for Danny Garcia.

I think Garcia will have to respect Thurman’s power and so he will be forced to fight going backwards and thus, he will be the less aggressive and less effective fighter.

Garcia has seemed to have problems with speedy and cunning fighters in the past and that should favor the smart, speedy and crafty Thurman.

Prediction: Thurman


Brandon Glass, Staff Writer

In the prediction for Danny Garcia vs. Paulie Malignaggi, I stated that Garcia struggles against fighters who give him a lot of movement. I think the Lamont Peterson fight was indicative of that.

Keith Thurman, who is not as experienced or refined as Peterson is, likes to get up on the balls of his feet and move around. This will complicate things for Garcia, who always plants his feet to throw his shots. However, if Thurman decides to stand and trade, that presents a fascinating scenario, as they both like to counter and have power in both hands.

They both seem to have solid beards as well, but if the headhunting Garcia did his homework, he will focus on punching downstairs as Thurman was hurt to the body in his last two fights. A solid attack to the midsection could put Garcia in position to win.

Garcia does have solid technique, but there is not anything in particular that stands out about him stylistically. In addition, I believe this is where the difference in quality matchups may work against Garcia, as his last fight was against an obscure, fringe contender in Samuel Vargas.

Vargas was not a mandatory challenger and was outclassed. A clear difference in quality when juxtaposed with Shawn Porter, the former IBF champion, who faced Thurman in a grueling, fan-friendly title fight that went the distance.

Despite how close the fight may seem on paper, I believe Thurman’s athleticism and recent quality of opponents gives him the edge he needs to win. Garcia should be a stationary target for Thurman and I expect him to pick the Philly native apart by keeping him in the center of the ring.

I do not expect a knockout as both fighters have tested beards, but should either person kiss the canvas, it would be a pleasant surprise.

Prediction: Thurman


Alex Burgos, Editor-in-Chief

Looks like I’m on Cherry Garcia island all by myself! I’m taking Danny Garcia over Keith Thurman.

I think this will be a tale of two fights. Keith Thurman, the quicker and more fluid boxer, will give Danny Garcia some trouble early on behind some jabs and angles.

But, as we’ve seen many times before, Thurman will eventually slow down and elect to trade. He did it against Shawn Porter, Diego Chaves and Jesus Soto Karass–just to name a few.

And that’s all Garcia needs, a chance at landing some thudding shots–either to the body or the head–on a relatively stationary target. Will it surprise me if Thurman wins? Not at all, but it’ll take a level of discipline I haven’t seen from him yet.

When all eyes are on Danny Garcia and people are expecting him to lose, he just wins, and I think he’ll do so again on Saturday night.

Prediction: Garcia

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