Staff Predictions: Miguel Cotto vs. Sergio Martinez

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Dominique Silva, Contributing Writer

The moment has arrived, Sergio Martinez finally has the big pay-per-view match he’s been wanting. Unfortunately it’s not Gennady Golovkin, but an old blown up welterweight by the name of Miguel Cotto. That name is the only selling point, which means squat here. Even a 50 percent Martinez is too much for Cotto. Martinez by early KO. Not TKO, but KO.

Prediction: Martinez


Brendan Montenegro, Senior Correspondent

This is a tough decision to make, as at the beginning of the week I was 100 percent sure Sergio Martinez had this fight in the bag. But as the week progressed and after having the opportunity to see both fighters at their media day workouts, walking around and noticing something at the weigh in,  I’m having a hard time telling who will win this matchup. Miguel Cotto looked extremely strong at his media day workout and looked ripped as if he was competing in a physique competition, where as Sergio looked as though he was a little soft in the love handles. Martinez did look good at his workouts, he looked as though he was able to plant his left foot better and his knee is holding up in order to pop his left straight, but that was with a knee brace on. Also, Martinez looked good in only 10 minutes of hitting mitts. Only the rounds will tell if his knee will show up. Cotto vows to be the Cotto of old and stick that left hook to the body deep into the bigger mans rib cage. Skill wise I would still have to go with Martinez, but Cotto has not lost at the Garden during Puerto Rican Day Parade weekend. The fan in me wants to go with Martinez to see him get the recognition he deserves, but the boxer in me is saying Cotto will come strong, straight forward and be the relentless Cotto of old. Martinez is naturally the bigger guy and is allowed to wear protective sleeves on his knees, which will give him the mental stability he may feel he needs. The boxer in me is going to hate the fan in me as I predict Martinez wins.

Prediction: Martinez


Donte Brown, Contributing Writer

The outcome of the Miguel Cotto vs. Sergio Martinez matchup will be decided by whose style will prevail the most. If Cotto aims to out-box Martinez on the outside, then Martinez will pick him apart because he has the longer arm reach. Martinez will likely throw combinations of jabs and crosses at Cotto, since those are the primary punches thrown by southpaws that can box. However, if Cotto puts pressure on Martinez and comes towards him, slipping his way on the inside to catch Martinez with punches, Cotto will surely win this fight.

Prediction: Cotto


Vincent Nolasco, Staff Writer

I just don’t see Miguel Cotto beating Sergio Martinez this Saturday night at Madison Square Garden. No disrespect to Miguel Cotto, but he’s not even the best in his own division–Junior Middleweight. So Cotto, how are you going to try to move up a weight class in the Middleweight division and walk through a bigger, faster and quicker opponent in Martinez? I just don’t see that happening. Cotto isn’t going to be facing another punching bag named Delvin Rodriguez, he is facing the WBC Middleweight champion. Also worth adding, Cotto’s power and especially left hook will be in action, but Martinez has faced opponents with larger punching power. I believe that Martinez won’t be healthy at 100%, however his health will be near 80%. Martinez will utilize every aspect of his arsenal with his power, speed, reach, counter punching and defense. One huge advantage that Martinez has over Cotto is his championship rounds experience, magic and the will to win. This is where Martinez is stellar. I believe his bread and butter is with experience in the championship rounds. This bout will come down to which fighter can break their opponent will. Cotto moved up a weight class, but he won’t man up against the WBC Middleweight Champion Martinez. Martinez via unanimous decision.

Prediction: Martinez


Lou Catalano, Staff Writer

Sergio Martinez’s injury history is well documented, and you really don’t know how a 40-year-old is going to handle a long layoff. Shane Mosley destroyed Antonio Margarito, took well over a year off and was completely shot by the time he came back. Martinez is ripe for the picking if he’s taking on a big, hard-hitting middleweight. Miguel Cotto is not that guy. He’ll be the smaller, slower fighter, and Sergio should be able to catch Cotto with ease as he comes in. I expect Martinez to survive a few bumpy moments, and I expect both guys to hit the mat in this one before Martinez wins it.

Prediction: Martinez


Lenin Acevedo, Photographer

On paper this fight looks like a cake walk for Sergio Martinez. He’s the bigger, faster, more athletic fighter as well as arguably the better puncher. Unfortunately, he’s also the more injured. It’s very simple, bad knees stay bad knees. Taking that into consideration, I think Miguel Cotto has the better chance at a victory. Expect for Martinez to have his way in the first half of the bout, but ultimately, he’ll fall to Cotto’s power shots to the body.

Prediction: Cotto


Juan Carlos Burgos, Contributing Writer

Sergio Martinez is looking to regain his impressive form as he faces Miguel Cotto this Saturday. Martinez, who as of late has been dealing with numerous injuries, will have the size, reach and speed advantage over Cotto. Martinez needs to keep Cotto from getting inside by using his jab and footwork and making Cotto pay when he does try to get inside. Cotto will have his work cut out for him as he is the smaller man. He will need to figure out a way to get inside and work Martinez’s body to slow him down and then work upstairs. Martinez tends to expend a lot of unnecessary energy and has had stamina problems recently. If Martinez’s knee holds up, I think he will beat Cotto, but if not it will limit his ability to stick and move and cause him to be more stationary, which is good for Cotto. I have this as a pretty even fight, but will assume Martinez’s knee will be healthy enough to get him through the fight.

Prediction: Martinez


Alex Burgos, Editor-in-Chief

When this fight was first announced, I had no doubt that Sergio Martinez would steamroll Miguel Cotto and add another major name to his resume. As the buildup, face off’s and media day’s have passed, I’ve begun to ask myself a few questions, which may or may not affect the outcome of the fight. Will a 159-pound catch weight matter to an aging Martinez? Will Martinez’s knee hold up for 12 rounds now that the NYSAC has denied him the use of a knee brace? Martinez emphatically says no to both of those questions. But, these small, yet important factors seem to benefit Cotto. At the end of the day I still don’t see enough “give” in Maravilla to favor Cotto. I believe that as long as the knew holds up–and even if he hurts but can still continue–Martinez should tough out a victory. If Martinez is vintage and is moving swiftly with his hands down in the middle rounds, he may even score a knockout.

Prediction: Martinez


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