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Omar Figueroa
Antonio DeMarco

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Lou Catalano, Senior Writer

Wladimir Klitschko over Tyson Fury. Peter Quillin over Daniel Jacobs with ease. I think I’m one more bad pick away from venturing into Teddy Atlas territory.

You know how he makes a pick and then everybody swerves violently the other way? I’m on a cold streak. But I can’t see a whole lot of people picking Antonio DeMarco to pull this one out, mainly because he’s looked god-awful lately. He seemed to know this fact, because he retired over the summer for about nine seconds.

But the lure of another big fight brought him back. If this fight had been made a couple of years ago, it could have been a “Fight Of The Year” candidate. Both guys are volume punchers, and both get hit a whole lot. This will be a phone booth fight, and hopefully Laurence Cole will referee the thing, if only because the possibility of somebody being assaulted with a flying chair while Cole fixes his pants becomes very real.

And why shouldn’t it be a shit show? This is Texas, dammit. Let the boys have some fun. Unfortunately, I don’t see DeMarco having much fun after the first few rounds. I’m picking Figueroa by stoppage, probably several rounds after a reasonable person would have shut it down.

Prediction: Figueroa


Paul Johnson, Staff Writer

I thought Omar Figueroa was lucky to come out of his fight with Ricky Burns still undefeated, and I remain unconvinced that this is a fighter likely to go much further than he already has.

If he faces a top 140-pound fighter, he will look lost. Antonio DeMarco, though, is not one of those guys.

DeMarco is returning from a brief retirement, after clear losses to Jessie Vargas and Rance Barthelemy, and hopefully he will step straight back into the slippers after what will probably be an entertaining, but clear decision loss to Figueroa.

Prediction: Figueroa


Alex Burgos, Editor-in-Chief

151 pounds? Wow. Omar Figueroa has absolutely no regard for training, making weight–you know, stuff prize fighters should actually worry about. A once promising champion, Figueroa’s career is turning into a mini (not by much) Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. novela.

Antonio DeMarco has no business weighing in at 149 pounds himself, and given the fact that this fight is in Texas, DeMarco might actually get a prolonged and  unnecessary beating. Hopefully DeMarco doesn’t take too much punishment and goes back to being retired after Figueroa’s fatty mass knocks him out.

Prediction: Figueroa

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