Statistical Breakdown of Lucas Matthysse vs. Danny Garcia

Lucas Matthysse 2

If you haven’t seen us using the Box Stat widget for our fight breakdowns, you probably don’t visit the site enough!

Below is a statistical breakdown of Lucas Matthysse (34-2, 30 KOs) vs. Danny Garcia (26-0, 16 KOs).

One of our favorite stats that our friends over at Box Stat have come up with is the Round KO Percentage.

Below is an explanation of what exactly Round KO Percentage is.

How is the ‘Round KO Percentage’ statistic calculated?

The round KO percentage is calculated using the ratio of rounds to stoppage defeats. This differs from the KO percentage by giving a more accurate representation of the fighters durability in the ring.

Total Stoppage Wins / Total Round * 100 = Round KO Percentage


Take the two boxers below fighting their first professional bout:
Boxer one wins in round 10 of the fight, and boxer two wins in round 6 of the fight. Both boxers will now have a “KO percentage” of 100%, but the second boxer clearly got the better result and was able to stop their opponent a lot earlier. Compare this to their “ROUND KO Percentage” where boxer one has a percentage of 10%, and boxer two’s percentage is significantly better (and more accurate) at 16.66%.

Stats and Round KO Percentage breakdown courtesy of

danny garcia vs lucas martin matthysse

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