Team Mosley Fires Back at WBC

Mosley Mayorga 2

Shane Mosley and His VP of Operations Trista Pisani are extremely disappointed with the recent comments made by WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman.

Yesterday the WBC distributed a press release stating that, “The World Boxing Council expresses complete rejection concerning the embarrassing fight simulation between Shane Mosley and Ricardo Mayorga at their press conference yesterday.”

This statement was released in regards to the bad judgment exercised by Mayorga who slapped Ms. Pisani on her back side as their final press conference was ending.

The notion that the WBC would comment on this terrible act against a woman (in an executive role no less) without first examining the facts and at the very least picking up a phone and calling Team Mosley to hear their side of the story on the events that took place is very disappointing and frankly is appalling.

Mayorga backtracked and said that he was coerced into this vile act only after he received countless negative comments and reactions from the general public and a stern phone call from Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega.

It appears very obvious that the WBC reacted to Mayorga’s interview with the Nicaraguan press after the phone call from his President in which he was reportedly told that he would lose the support of Ortega if he didn’t immediately clean up his act.

This type of irresponsible commentary without one shred of fact checking is alarming. It goes without saying that Mayorga has a history of irrational behavior.

When a woman is potentially violated the WBC has a responsibility to tread more carefully and owes Ms. Pisani an apology.

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