Mike Tyson

The Many Scandals of Mike Tyson


Mike Tyson is one of the greatest boxers who has ever graced the sport. When he was at his peak, he was a household name and his matches were pegged to be some of the greatest. Many boxing enthusiasts believe he was greater than even Muhammad Ali.

Mike Tyson was a force to reckon with both inside the ring as well as outside it. His stories of excesses were always part of tabloid headlines and his fans were never short of crazy stories from his life. It’s no wonder that his recent exhibition fight in LA became such a talking point. LA has been hosting many sporting events of late and this was one of them.

Mike was always known to be short-tempered and he never had a great relationship with the press. There are innumerable stories of him getting into fights with journalists who’d provoke him.

Here are a few of the biggest scandals and stories that dogged Mike Tyson through his crazy career as one of the world’s greatest boxers ever.

Violent Childhood

Mike Tyson grew up in the streets of New York. He came from a relatively poor family and his father left him soon after he was born. His mother died when he was about 16 years old and he was pretty much raised by his boxing trainer Cus D’Amato.

Mike was into drugs from his childhood and while he started smoking pot by the time he was 10, he even did cocaine and LSD before he turned 13. He was known to get in trouble constantly and would repeatedly get arrested for petty crimes. It is said that he was arrested over 38 times by the time he turned 13.

Disastrous Relationships

Mike Tyson has been married three times. His first wife Robin Givens came out and publicly stated that Mike was manic depressive and that he would frequently abuse her physically.

They finally divorced.

Mike Tyson is also known to have bipolar disorder issues. He converted to Islam a few years to deal with his mental issues and also turned vegetarian although he decided to eat chicken every once in a while. Mike also has a four year daughter from his second marriage to a random house accident.

Rape Conviction and Prison

Mike Tyson was arrested and convicted of rape in 1991. His victim was a 18 year old model called Desiree Washington and the incident took place in a hotel room in Indianapolis.

Even though hotshot lawyer Alan Dershowitz represented him, Mike was still found guilty and was sentenced to six years in prison although he was finally released within three years. It was in prison that Mike Tyson decided to convert to Islam. He adopted the name Malik Abdul Aziz.

Mike Tyson now claims to be a completely different person. He has been through therapy and even written a memoir detailing all the issues of his tumultuous life. He’s even a big advocate of medical marijuana and is purportedly working on a cannabis farm and brand.

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