Understanding and Finding the Best Boxing Betting Odds

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There is no denying that boxing still remains one of the most popular action sports today. Even with sports like kickboxing and MMA moving in, boxing still remains at the very top.

And, a lot of this has to do with just how exciting it is. A lot of this has to do with its rich history and some of this has to do with all the lucrative opportunities available.

That being said, if you are going to truly take advantage of boxing and everything that it has to offer, you are going to need to fully understand the odds. Not only this, but you will need to know where to find these odds.

Understanding The Favorites

In any boxing bout, there are going to be two main competitors. The referee will be the third man in the ring, but for this scenario, he isn’t going to come into play. That being said, there are two competitors in a boxing match. This would be the favorite and the underdog.

You probably already know that the favorite is the fighter that is slated to win the match, but this doesn’t mean that you know how to read the odds. For instance, when looking at the odds, you will find that sites offer betting strings that look something similar to this:

Mike Tyson (-320)
Evander Holyfield (+210)

In this scenario, Mike Tyson will be the favorite because he is ranked as the negative. Unfortunately, this is not the only thing that needs to be considered when looking at a betting string like this.

The Profit You Stand To Gain

When looking at betting strings, you also must discern the amount of money that you stand to win. If you go back to the scenario above it would mean that you stand to gain $1 for every $3.20 that you bet on Tyson.

If you bet $320 on him and he wins, you would walk away with $100 in profit. Unfortunately, if Tyson lost you would be out $320

Finding The Right Betting Odds

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a baccarat formula or you are looking for boxing odds, you want to make sure that you are doing so with quality websites.

Unfortunately, there are tons of boxing betting sites out there and not all of them are created the same.

Some will offer better odds, while others offer ones that are more lucrative. Whatever the situation is, you always want to make sure that you are only betting and getting your odds from the most secure and trusted sites on the web.

Understanding The Underdogs

You also learned that there is going to be an underdog in the fight. This would be the fighter that is slated to lose the bout. If you go back to the above example, Holyfield would be the underdog.

The odds of him winning the fight are +210, which basically means that you’ll win $2.10 for every dollar that you bet on the underdog. If you laid a $100 on Holyfield and he won the bout, you would literally bring home $210 in earnings.

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