Upcoming Boxing Matches And How To Bet On them

Upcoming Boxing Matches And How To Bet On them

Boxing and betting are two things that go hand in hand. In this article, we’ll be speaking about a few of the more exciting boxing matches that will be fought in the near future.

More to the point, I will be speaking about how to bet on boxing matches and help you make some money. Just like football, boxing is a sport on which fans are willing to stake copious amounts of money.

Coming to the boxing matches, there are a few people are really looking forward to in the near future. And you can bet on them on Betway anytime you want. Betway remains the popular platform for all bettors online, given the intuitive UI and easy experience.

The purse bid between light heavyweight world titlist Sergey Kovalev and challenger Anthony Yardy was initially scheduled to take place on April 8th. The WBA then postponed the purse bid to April 15th followed by June 11. It is now scheduled to take place on June 24th. The venue is the WBA office in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The minimum bid is $300,000.

Beibut Shumenov has been stripped by the WBA and has been called ‘champion in recess’ as he withdrew from his defence of the cruiserweight title against interim titlist Arsen Goulamirian. Goulamirian has been elevated to regular title holder. The WBA has scheduled a purse bid on June 20 at its offices in Panama City, Panama for the fight between Lebedev and Goulamirian.  The minimum bid is $200,000.

Boxing bets are in fact one of the most competitive in the betting world. The bets can be placed online through several sites like betway. Just like football, in boxing too the market matters. The simplest market is the one where you simply bet on who will win. You can also bet before the fight or during the match. Other popular markets include the round in which you feel the match will end and who will end the round.

There are a large number of bookmakers to tip you on what market to bet on. These bookmakers also provide you odds so that you can make up your mind. You can also refer to the bookmaker’s site to see what options they have for you. Of course, you need information on the boxers themselves. Compare the information from a large number of bookmakers and make a wise and judicious choice.  One way to do this is to check out the past performances of the boxers and the opponents. You can try out Betway if you are confused.

Another thing that needs to be taken into account is how they have performed against each other in the past. As usual, do not let emotions cloud your judgement. Make educated bets. After all, money is involved. Sometimes you may get an inside tip from a bookie. If you are serious about betting you should have a thorough knowledge of boxing too. I have tried to present the best tips for making a killing. I hope this little piece is useful to you when you set out to place your bets.

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