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USA’s Nico Hernandez Defeats Italy’s Manuel Cappai


Nico Hernandez

On Saturday, August 6, 2016, USA’s Nico Hernandez took on Italy’s Manuel Cappai in the day’s final Light Flyweight matchup.

Hernandez won the bout by unanimous decision and joined teammate Carlos Balderas, who also moved on to the round of 16 with a win earlier in the day.

Hernandez, who is a decorated amateur champion from Wichita, Kansas, was sluggish throughout the bout as he tried to bully the Italian boxer.

There were a lot of clinches, mixed with hits behind the head, as both men struggled to get off balanced combinations. The first round even included some wrestling as Hernandez flipped Cappai over his head.

Cappai tried to box, switching from orthodox to southpaw to confuse Hernandez, but didn’t have much success.

Hernandez landed the stronger blows, especially in Round 2 when Cappai’s head was rocked numerous times.


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