Valentine’s Day Massacre: Ryan Garcia Destroys Francisco Fonseca in 1

It may have been Valentine’s Day, but there was absolutely no love shown from Ryan Garcia (20-0, 17 KOs) to his opponent Francisco Fonseca (25-3-2, 19 KOs). 

Valentine’s Day has always been a day filled with love, teddy bears and chocolate. But instead of handing out any of that, Garcia instead decided to dish out a butt whooping.

It took the young and dynamic Garcia  just one single round to get rid of his opponent at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. 

Before this contest even started, Fonseca was viewed as nothing more than a stepping stone to Garcia. The two previous losses that was on the record of Fonseca came from two other elite fighters.

Those being against Tevin Farmer and Gervonta Davis. In the case of Davis, he managed to give Fonseca his first defeat by knockout, but it took him eight rounds to get the job done. 

Whether Garcia knew it or not, he was going to be compared to his peers. 

When things kicked off, Garcia through a few punches but nothing of note. Garcia quickly followed those shots up with a left hook, which sent Fonseca down and out. He seemed to have very little left in the tank and the referee called an immediate halt to the contest. 

“I was hoping that would last a little bit longer,” said Garcia after his knockout performance. “When Fonseca faked it gave me the opportunity to hit him with that left hook. I saw his left hook and let him get comfortable and then took the time to get my shot. I’m ready for everything.”

This was the sort of performance that Garcia needed. Not only because it will help him continue to build his brand, but because former multiple division world champion Jorge Linares was also on the card as well.

He destroyed his opponent in the fourth round and immediately called for a shot against Garcia. Well, with the sort of showing that both men put on, there is little to no doubt that a contest between them will most likely be next. 

Final Grade For Ryan Garcia: A+

The man just scored a one-punch knockout in the very first round.

Nothing short of an A+ plus will suffice for that sort of performance.

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