1 Round

Video | 1 Round with Shelly “Shelito’s Way’ Vincent

Shelly Shelitos Way Vincent

Shelly “Shelito’s Way” Vincent (11-0, 1 KO) is a tough fighter from the streets of New London, Connecticut.

Dealt an extraordinary tough hand, Vincent lost her mother at a young age.

But instead of succumbing to the ills of life, Vincent has found a way to take the heartache and pain she’s experienced and used it to fuel her championship career.

Vincent–the WIBA Women’s International Boxing Association International Super Bantamweight Champion–proudly states that she fights for kids who are left behind and have no hope. She wants to show them that with hard work and dedication, anything can be accomplished.

Check out Round By Round Boxing’s Jeremy Flores’ and Jeff Charles’ “1 Round” feature with Vincent as she continues to provide inspiration and exemplary form both in-and-out of the ring.

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