Video | Broner: “The Last Time I Fought with My Heart, I Lost”

Broner Molina Thurman Guerrero - Naoki Fukada16
Photo by Naoki Fukada

Adrien Broner spoke about using his ring intelligence against John Molina Jr. at the post-fight press conference for the inaugural Premier Boxing Champions card.

“The last time I went in the ring and I fought with my heart I lost. I’m never going to let that happen again,” said Broner.

Indeed, the fight was not as spectacular as some hoped it would be as there were many rounds in which Molina hardly threw a punch against Broner, but its debatable if it was caused more by Broner’s elusiveness or Molina’s tentativeness.

Nevertheless, Broner scored the win and says he’ll begin to use more of his natural talent to win fights.

Check out what else he said here:

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