Video | Ricardo Mayorga Slaps Shane Mosley’s Girlfriend’s Butt!

Ricardo Mayorga never fails to deliver. Earlier today at a press conference to promote his grudge match against “Sugar” Shane Mosley, “El Matador” jumped into action when Mosley’s girlfriend bent over directly in front of him.

In true Mayorga form, he smacked Mosley’s bae right on the ass, prompting Mosley to lunge at him.

Whether it was staged or not, the interwebs went ablaze with comments and reposts of the “smack gate” video.

Mosley tweeted that tickets are nearly sold out, so people seem to be buying into the fact that Mosley and Mayorga will save some of the dream for inside the ring.

In the full video seen above, Mosley’s girlfriend is even seen fleeing the scene in tears.

If she’s acting, you have to applaud her performance. If she’s not, she should definitely think twice before bending over in front of Mayorga ever again.

Of course, the fake Mayorga Twitter account chimed in with some well-timed comedy as well.

Will this entice you to order Mosley vs. Mayorga 2?

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