Virgil Hunter Doesn’t Care for Your Negative Attitude

Virgil Hunter - Irdris Erba
Photo by Idris Erba/Mayweather Promotions

“When I see some of the negative attitudes on this event, it’s from people who don’t know what those fighters go through at the gym.”

Those were the words spoken by none other than Andre Berto’s head trainer, Virgil Hunter.

Ever since the matchup between undefeated pound-for-pound king, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and Berto was announced, a serious backlash has ensued on social media by fans and media alike.

The two initial photos we posted on Instagram to promote the announcement of the fight garnered over 190 comments. The comments contained a smorgasbord of negativity and insults with words like trash, cherry picker and garbage on full display.

The backlash has been so severe that each person who hit the podium during the initial press conference on Thursday spent a fair amount of time defending the fight in their own way. Not promoting it, defending it.

Hunter’s soliloquy was most interesting though. With his soft spoken, Teddy Pendergrass love-song way of speaking, Hunter laid into those who don’t like this matchup.

I don’t mind if you try to persuade me to like this fight with the “styles make fights” angle or the snazzy promo tag “High Stakes.” But don’t sit here and tell me and the rest of the paying viewers that we don’t like this matchup because we don’t know the struggle fighters go through.

Hunter seems to be confusing the dislike of this bout with a dislike of Berto, and that’s not the case. Berto is a tough son of a bitch, and he’s proven that time-and-time again.

Surely, there are some matchups out there that fans have spoken about wanting to see Berto in.

Some Jesus Soto-Karass get back? How about another battle with Victor Ortiz? I’d watch those fights–on an undercard or on Premier Boxing Champions.

Berto is not an elite fighter. He’s tough, but that doesn’t mean he should get to share the ring with the best fighter in the world–especially not when it comes with a $75 pay-per-view price tag.

Hunter continued his defense of the fight.

“He [Berto] epitomizes what a fighter is. He’s overcome and he’s earned this opportunity based off that.”

I feel like the kid in the meme who is suspiciously staring at the lady. So you’re telling me because Berto overcame adversity and injury it earned him a shot at Mayweather?

Angel Garcia fought and overcame cancer, does that mean he should get to be the president? Well, don’t answer that.

Seriously though, when I see the all-out defense of this $75 pay-per-view mismatch, it’s from people who must have forgotten how much $75 really is. News flash, $75 ain’t no punk bitch.

Mayweather stated during the press conference that nobody is forced to buy the fight, which is true. But the thing is, fight fans want to watch good competitive matchups. When the fight involves the best fighter in the world and supposed “TBE,” we’d rather not pay a pretty penny for a PBC on CBS level fight.

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